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    As any coffee lover and connoisseur would tell you, brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires a high level of precision, from determining the right weight of the grounds to measuring the right temperature of the water. What’s great though is that there are numerous coffee tools and equipment fit for your coffee corners at home, which will help your brewing process better and easier. In this article, we’ll be going in-depth on some of the best coffee accessories you should have so you’ll have all the best coffee tools at your disposal anytime


    11 Coffee Gadget Accessories Every Home Barista Needs


    If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re either used to brewing your coffee at home with a traditional coffee maker or you’re planning to expand your coffee-making skills with other brewing methods. This is why we’ve compiled some of the best tried-and-tested coffee tools and equipment you can get your hands on today.


    1. Hario Pour-Over Starter Set

    Pour-over coffee is well-loved in the coffee industry because it’s one of the brewing methods that let you control the strength and flavor of your coffee drink. If you’re highly specific with your coffee brew, a Hario Pour-Over Starter Set would be a great addition to your coffee tools and equipment. This starter set comes with complete accessories, namely the Hario V60 dripping cup, paper coffee filters, a measuring spoon for your beans, and a coffee server perfect for brewing big batches.


    1. Pour-Over Kettle

    Together with the Hario Pour-Over Starter Set, consider adding a pour-over kettle or a gooseneck kettle to your coffee gadget accessories as well. Pour-over coffee requires you to have full control of the speed, temperature, and amount of water that you’re pouring at one time.

    Pour-over kettles or gooseneck kettles are designed to have narrow long necks to help you easily direct water around the dripper to evenly distribute it to your coffee grounds. While normal kettles may work, the shorter spouts that they have make them harder to handle. So, if you’re planning on adopting the pour-over brewing method, add these kettles to your coffee tools and equipment.


    1. Pocket Coffee Bean Scale

    If you’re looking for a consistent flavor for your daily cups of coffee, the first thing you need to do is to figure out the perfect coffee to water ratio. Homebrewers and coffee lovers will know that slight differences in this ratio may change the strength of your cup, either becoming too diluted or too concentrated. With a pocket coffee bean scale, you can precisely measure your coffee beans and lower the chances of making any errors in your ratio.

    In addition, this pocket coffee bean scale is also easy-to-use and versatile, making it a good choice for your other weighing needs, be it for your tea leaves, seasonings, or even gemstones.


    1. Ceramic Coffee Grinder

    When it comes to almost everything, fresh is always better, including coffee. If you’d like to enjoy the full-bodied flavor of coffee, the best practice would be to brew with freshly ground coffee beans all the time, since you’ll be taking advantage of all the oils and compounds in the beans without leaving to go stagnant before brewing. One great way that you can enjoy freshly ground coffee is to add a ceramic coffee grinder to your coffee gadget accessories at home.

    Coffee grinders typically come in two types: metal grinders and ceramic grinders. If you’re going for grounds fit for espresso shots, a manual ceramic grinder is recommended since you’ll get precise and uniform grinds all the time. The ceramic material also improves the durability and longevity of your manual grinder.

    1. Coffee or Milk Thermometer

    To brew consistent, great-tasting coffee, measuring the water that you’ll be using is of utmost importance. Using boiling water or water that has a too high temperature poses the risk of scalding your beans, which will lower the quality of your brew. With a coffee thermometer, you can measure your water or milk’s temperature easily, so you get the optimal texture and flavor to every cup that you brew.


    1. Hario Coffee Beans Canister

    The freshness of your coffee beans is important if you’re looking for a great cup of coffee in the morning. However, not everyone is familiar with how you should be storing your coffee beans to prolong their shelf life and viability. By properly storing your beans, you ensure that you’ll only be drinking great-tasting coffee, without the risk of suffering through a stale brew.

    If you’re looking to add a storage container to your coffee tools and equipment, a Hario Coffee Bean Container would be a great choice, since not only is it airtight, but the high-quality glass that it’s made from will make sure that your beans will not come into contact with any substance that can alter their flavor.


    1. Borosilicate Glass French Press

    Are you bored of your usual way of brewing coffee? Try a new brewing technique with a borosilicate glass French press. Coffee lovers who prefer this technique notes that by using a French press, you get the whole flavor of your coffee beans since you’ll be steeping them in hot water instead of the traditional way of letting the water run through your ground beans. In addition, the French press lets you keep coffee oils in your cup instead of getting removed by paper filters.


    1. Milk Frother

    Foamed or frothed milk is an essential part of many espresso drinks, like cappuccinos and macchiatos. Not only does frothed milk give your drinks their distinct foamy appearance, but it also improves the texture and overall taste of your coffee. While a milk frother wand is normally a part of an espresso machine, having a separate milk frother may help you better organize your coffee-making process. You can even add a new skill by learning how to do latte art.

    If you’re looking for an efficient manual milk frother for your homemade lattes, consider buying a Hario Latte Shaker. All you need is about 20 to 30 seconds of shaking vigorously and you’ll have the perfect foamed milk.


    1. Aeropress Coffee Maker

    Considered as one of the most innovative coffee tools and equipment, Aeropress has made a name for itself, especially in third-wave coffee shops. Its compact and easy-to-use characteristics make it a favorite amongst travelers since they can brew a hot cup of coffee anywhere and at any time. Its versatility also lets you play around with different coffee ground types and brewing times so you can get personalized and precise brews for your daily cup.  If you’re looking for a fresh addition to your coffee collection or if you’re looking for a unique gift for a coffee lover, consider shopping for an Aeropress today.

    1. Cocktail Shakers

    We know, we know. Cocktail shakers are usually used for alcoholic drinks – which is actually perfectly alluded to by James Bond’s famous “shaken, not stirred” preference. However, shakers are also great accessories for coffee lovers, especially if they like their drinks cold.

    If you’ve tried mixing cold beverages, you’ll probably notice how coffee sauces and syrups settle at the bottom of the cup, making it hard to mix the ingredients evenly throughout the drink. With cocktail shakers, you can easily make a well-mixed drink in no time – with little to no spills. You can even put ice into the shaker first to speed up lowering your drink’s temperature.


    1. Hario V60 Thermal Uchi Mug

    Enjoy your brewed or iced coffee for longer periods with a Hario V60 Thermal Uchi Mug. Together with its sleek and stylish appearance, this mug is designed with a vacuum thermal insulating structure that will help you enjoy your hot or cold drinks all day. Its airtight lid will also help you avoid spills and stains if ever you accidentally tip it over while working or whenever you’re on the go.

    Another great feature of this mug is that it’s compatible with any Hario V60 dripper. You won’t need to transfer your coffee anymore from a mug into this cup since you can brew straight into it.


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