• Why buy coffee from CURATED.PH?

    There are many roasters, producers, cafes and sellers out there, but few can offer the variety anduncompromising point of view we do. We make our mark with ever-evolving products of great quality and taste. We can try and tell you why it’s so good, but we’d much rather show you. Give us a shot!

  • How do you ship?

    We use a number of local carriers to ensure our products reach you quickly and in the high quality condition we expect you to expect.

  • Do you ship outside NCR?

    We ship large orders to those of you in need beyond the NCR.

  • Can I give a subscription as a gift?

    A coffee subscription manages to be both an absurdly easy gift to give and a supremely delightful gift to receive. Contact us to set it up!

  • How many cups does 250g of coffee make?

    It depends on the cup, We’re typically using about 15g-18g of beans for each 8oz cup of coffee — so a 250g bag yields roughly sixteen mugs. We love sharing brew tips, so hit us up anytime to talk about the brew methods you’re exploring.

  • Do you do decaf?

    We think decaf drinkers deserve the very best (and we count ourselves among them). So watch this space as we source you what you deserve. Also, hit us up if you have recommendations.

  • How do you source your coffees? Do you offer Fairtrade, Organic or other certifications?

    We’re certification agnostic — though many of the coffees we bring in do have organic, Fair Trade, or other certifications.

  • Why blends and not just single origin?

    The Philippines has a thriving coffee culture and we are here to champion it. Single origin coffees are, quite rightly, where the action is. But, from a culinary perspective, blending opens up vast realms of possibility we can’t help but explore. The truth is that there’s not a single origin coffee anywhere that couldn’t be made even better with just a bit of judicious blending.

  • What if I need a lot of coffee?

    Let’s talk. Email us @ hello@curated.ph