Coffee Bean Storage Container -- Keep Your Beans Fresh!

One of the secrets to having the perfect cup of coffee is knowing how to properly store coffee beans and knowing what type of coffee container is most appropriate.

Great Coffee Starts with a Great Coffee Bean Container

So, you treated yourself to a great bag of premium, high-quality coffee beans. Now, you need to store them properly so they stay fresh and aromatic for as long as possible.

Nowadays, coffee packaging is pretty sophisticated. There are coffee bags with triple-ply foil to prevent air from getting in. So, why do you need a special coffee storage container when beans come in their own handy little bags?

Once the seal of the bags is broken, air comes pouring in. At that moment, a proper coffee bean storage container is essential to keeping your beans fresh and aromatic.

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If you care about your coffee beans, then you should know the importance of having an airtight, high-quality coffee container. Not only do correct coffee storage containers influence the flavor and quality of your brewed cup, but they also help prolong the lifespan of coffee beans.

At, we have a glass coffee container for your shop or kitchen, perfect for keeping coffee, tea, and spices fresh. With a 200- gram capacity, our coffee container helps coffee beans maintain their aroma and flavor and stops you from drinking bland, or even rancid-tasting coffee.

While coffee drinking looks like a straightforward activity, the art of brewing the perfect cup is actually much more intricate when you become familiar with it. From the process of picking the coffee beans, roasting, grinding, and storing coffee in appropriate containers – every step influences the quality and taste of the coffee you’re drinking. Here at, we have airtight coffee containers for sale to help you properly store your coffee beans for improved lifespan and quality.

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Why Choose Curated's Coffee Bean Containers?

Curated is the epitome of our brand's name. We curate the best coffee and tea products in the Philippines – we have single-origin coffee beans and glass coffee containers for sale to professional coffee brewing equipment. Sourced from world-leading brands that have established names in the coffee industry, our coffee equipment and products are offered in incredibly low prices, without compromising the quality. We aim to make premium coffee and tea equipment more accessible to cafe owners and home brewers alike.

You spend time and effort researching the best coffee brewing methods, the perfect coffee maker, the optimum water temperature, and even the most exquisite-tasting coffee beans – all with the main goal of making a delicious cup of coffee.

All of this will be for nothing if you don’t have the proper coffee storage container for your precious beans. At, we’re just as passionate about coffee as you, so we understand what it takes to brew a great-tasting cup. Reach out to us today and we’ll tell you more about our coffee container and other products.