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Want Great Pour-Over or Drip Coffee? Choose the Best Coffee Filter for Your Brew

For something so seemingly simple, choosing the right paper for your drip filter coffee can actually be quite confusing. There are so many options available in the market today: bleached vs. unbleached, metal vs. paper options, and sizes to take note of. But at the end of the day, you just want to produce a clean, flavorful, and sediment-free cup of drip filter coffee.

This is possible with the Hario V60 Coffee Filter Paper, which we offer at It's easier to brew coffee with the filter paper from the renowned Japanese brand. We offer both brown (natural pulp, unbleached) and white options. If you buy the Hario V60 Pour Over Server Set, the coffee filter is available with the cup and other accessories.

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The Hario V60 Coffee Filter Paper is an important element to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Fine fibers, long fibers, and the perfect balance of paper pulps are blended together to a uniform thickness, specially designed for brewing great coffee.

To ensure the quality of each piece of coffee filter paper, the products are managed both by machine and by hand, with final packaging done carefully by hand. All the coffee filter products in our online store are exclusively from world-renowned Hario and made in Fuji, Japan.

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