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Love drinking tea? Whether you brew loose leaves in an infuser or drop bags into a tea maker pot, find everything you need here.


Tea Maker: Pots and their Unique Benefits

So, you've decided to get serious about your tea. You've ditched grocery teabags to brew some premium, full-flavored loose leaves.

But what do you brew with?

The tea market these days is flooded with trendy tea makers, innovative pots, and sleek kettles. But sometimes, you just need a no-nonsense tea market, pot, or kettle to get the job done.

At Curated, we have a range of glass tea makers and tea infuser pots that keep your brewing time simple yet enjoyable.

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Shop Your Tea Maker Essentials at Curated.PH

At Curated.PH, we have various tea maker options available to suit your needs and preferences. From a multi-serve glass tea maker to an aesthetically-pleasing Art Tea Press Cup, we offer them at unbeatable prices.

Check out our range of tea infusers and pots! You'll be ready for the day with a steaming mug of delicious morning tea or relax with a cup during your well-deserved tea break in the afternoon.

Do you only need to prepare one or two cups of tea at a time? We've got a small tea maker pot for you. If you enjoy sharing tea with family and friends, we also have a tea maker kettle that can hold enough tea for a crowd.

Steeping Options
We have a tea maker and pot with a built-in infuser, allowing tea leaves space to expand in the pot. We also have special tea brewing systems such as the French Press. 

Style and Design
We have a beautiful range of tea maker pots and kettles, letting you deliver an exceptional tea experience for everyone.

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Why Choose Curated.PH?

Curated is the epitome of our brand’s name - we curate the best tea makers in the Philippines, sourced from world-leading brands. We offer them at unbeatable prices, making premium tea equipment more accessible for cafe owners and home brewers.