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Discover the Perk of High-Quality Coffee Equipment in the Philippines

When you're no barista, a coffee shop standard brew at home can feel like a pipe dream. But it's not with Curated.PH. Everyone deserves to experience rich and aromatic coffee every day, and it's possible with our selection of coffee accessories and equipment. We provide you with all the gear to make great coffee - minus the hassle and the expensive price tag.

We don't just serve at-home coffee lovers too! We can also provide your coffee shop with all the supplies and equipment, helping you grow your business with first-grade tools. What's more, we offer all our coffee shop equipment at a price lower than most stores. That's more savings and better coffee on your part!

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Get Coffee Accessories and Equipment Delivered to Your Door

When you love making coffee, high-quality coffee accessories and equipment make all the difference. For the best workflow and experience, a little extra goes a long way. But here's the thing - making great coffee doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. 

At Curated.PH, we've helped coffee lovers and business owners just like you make great coffee with the best tools sold at the best prices. Our range of coffee equipment in the Philippines includes:

●    Containers. Whether you need a canister for your coffee beans, mugs, glass decanters, or a gooseneck kettle - we've got in our selection of coffee shop equipment.
●    Dripping Cups. We get our coffee drippers from the cult-fave Japanese brand Hario. The Hario drippers retain heat much better than regular drippers, producing more extraction for the perfect cup of coffee.
●    Grinders. The coffee grinders in our selection come with ergonomic design, making it fast and smooth for you to make freshly ground coffee. They come with adjustable grind settings to handle both coarse and fine grind.
●    Coffee Makers. From the French Press coffee to the AeroPress, we have options for every coffee lover's preference and need.
●    Everything in Between. We even have filter paper, a pocket coffee bean scale, a heat-proof shot glass, stir sticks, and small magnetic containers to round up our coffee accessories.

Great Coffee, Made Simple with Curated.PH

If you're hooked on premium coffee but only buy it when you’re not at home, you're missing out! You could easily save yourself time and money by brewing your own delicious cup in the safety and comfort of your kitchen. It doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. With a complete range of coffee accessories and equipment from Curated.PH, you too can make great coffee at home.

We're not just about home brewing too! Our online coffee equipment store has world-class leading equipment for cafes, restaurants, and other food establishment owners so you have everything you need to deliver the most delicious coffee your customers will love you for.

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Why Choose Curated.PH?

Curated is the epitome of our brand’s name - we curate the best coffee accessories from industry-leading brands all over the world and make it accessible for coffee lovers in the Philippines. What’s more, we offer them at unbeatable prices. Everything on our online coffee equipment store is a major steal for home brewing enthusiasts and cafe owners alike! 

Plus, we're passionate coffee nerds just like you. And our expert and dedicated team is always here to answer any questions about the right coffee equipment and premium blends you need to brew like a pro.

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Seriously good coffee, in just three simple steps: place your orders on our site, wait to receive your delivery, and then leave instant coffee behind forever! Fall in love with brewing fresh coffee at home -- do it with coffee accessories and equipment from Curated.PH.

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