What We Are
Curated Is Exactly As It Says It Is. We Curate High Quality, Chiefly Locally Sourced Coffee, For Retail And Wholesale, Individual And Business Consumption.
Why We Do
The Philippines Has A Vibrant Coffee Culture. But It Isn't Always Easy To Access Some Of The Finest Filipino Gems. We Make It Easier For You By Creating An Online Hub That Connects You Directly To The Best That Local Roasters Have To Offer. By Doing This, We Seek To Expand Consumer Access To Excellent Products, Expand The Coffee Culture, And Pass The Success That Comes From That All The Way Up The Chain To Producers - Helping Them To Thrive And Expand.


Imagine how much more vibrant our coffee culture will be if you have quick and easy access to the best coffee farmers and roasters in the country. That's what we're aiming for.


Local coffee producers need demand. Local coffee drinkers need supply. Our mission is to connect the two.


We value sustainability of local communities. We support local. We aim to feature the best of products that are locally grown, produced, processed and owned.