Hario v60 Coffee Server Set for Sale

₱1,559.00 ₱2,450.00

When it comes to coffee making equipment, Hario remains one of the top brands around. Recognized by both seasoned coffee drinkers and casual coffee lovers, the brand has cemented itself as one of the go-to’s when searching for new coffee brewing equipment.

The classic Hario V60 Coffee Server Set will be your new best friend if you’re looking for an easy and simple way to make your morning drink. Buy the V60 coffee server set now and get your perfect morning brew.

₱1,559.00 ₱2,450.00


Brew the Perfect Cup With the Hario V60 Coffee Server Set

Professionals and casual coffee drinkers alike swear by the Hario V60 Coffee Server Set. Aptly named V60 because of its design, the server set is designed to help out with the filtration during the brewing process. The coffee that the V60 set consistently produces is bold, flavorful, and clean--making the V60 set a top choice among coffee lovers.

The Perfect Pour Over Set for Beginners

The V60 Coffee Server 02 set is Hario’s pour over starter set for beginners. Unlike the complicated machines you see in coffee shops, the Hario V60 Coffee Server Set doesn’t involve a lot of frills or buttons. In fact, as far as brewing processes go, using the Hario Pour Over Starter Set is one of the least complicated ways to go.

Make coffee easily by following these simple steps:

1. Place the V60 on top of a cup or a carafe
2. Add in your filter paper, put in the ground coffee
3. Lastly, pour over the hot water.

When you buy the Hario Pour Over Starter Set, brewing your daily cup of coffee becomes quick, simple, and easy to do!

Drink Your Perfect Brew

With the pandemic confining a lot of people inside their homes, coffee aficionados found the time to explore other ways to make coffee. With several brewing options available, sometimes the classics remain supreme for good reason.

Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee daily when you buy a Hario Pour Over Starter Set. Recognized as one of the leaders in the industry, any brewing instrument you buy is sure to give you high quality coffee.

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