• Chemex Brew Guide

    The chemex is a beautifully crafted brewer, and can serve up to six people per brew. The denser filter papers provide a delicate bodied cup, while still allowing the flavours to shine through.

  • 1. Fold Filter

    Fold filter into a half, then a quarter. Proceed by pulling out sides to make a funnel shape.

  • 2. Assemble, Rinse

    Place filter in the Chemex and rinse well with hot water. Ensure filter papers are completely wet and stuck to brewer, with no folds or creases.

  • 3. Add Grounds

    Empty rinsing water, add grounds and place Chemex on scales. Level the grounds slightly so they are flat.

  • 4. Wet Grounds

    Start timer as you begin to pour 80g of water evenly over the bed of coffee, ensuring all grounds are wet. Allow 10 seconds for the pour and another 30 for the bloom.

  • 5. Pour Water

    At 45 seconds, Slow pour 50–75g of water in a slow, circular movement, starting from the inside outwards, covering all grounds.

  • 6. More Water

    Pour 50g–75g increments at 30 second intervals until all of the water is added. This should take between 3–4 minutes.

  • 7. Drip & Serve

    Allow water to pass through entire bed of coffee, when dripping stops, remove and discard used filter and serve.