• Aeropress Brew Guide

    The aeropress is an easy to use, lightweight and portable device that helps you get the most from your home brewing. It’s also the perfect travel companion!

  • 1. Invert & Heat

    Invert Aeropress. Pre-heat chambers with hot water, and discard.

  • 2. Prepare Filter

    Insert 2 filter papers into cap and rinse with hot water. By using two filters, less sediment and oils will enter the final cup, giving a higher clarity of flavour and a more balanced cup.

  • 3. Coffee & Water

    Add coffee to aeropress and place on scales. Start timer and pour in all of the water, ensuring all grounds are wet.

  • 4. Stir

    Stir gently until all grounds are wet and not sticking to rubber bottom.

  • 5. Attach Cap

    Attach cap tightly by screwing it in a clockwise direction.

  • 6. Push Air Out

    At 40 seconds remove Aeropress from scales and push out air by holding onto sides. Keep pushing until there are no more bubbles on the cap surface.

  • 7. Flip

    Flip aeropress onto mug.

  • 8. Plunge!

    Plunge until all water has passed through filter. This should take about 30 seconds.

  • 9. Remove Grounds

    Remove cap over bin and push used grounds into bin.