The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee LoversNews

    With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably starting to make a list of all the Christmas gifts you need to find. We know it is tiring, since everyone wants different things, and everyone has varying tastes. However, we’re pretty sure we all know a coffee lover within our circles – there might even be multiple. And what’s a better gift for coffee lovers than getting them some premium products to help them continue their rewarding journey of learning about brewing the best coffee there is?


    Single-Origin Coffee Bean Gifts for That Premium Taste

    When it comes to brewing a cup, the first thing you need is coffee beans, and you need to know what type they like and what type of coffee grind they need. If you’re itching to give your coffee lover friend a gift that they’ll surely enjoy, why not give them a bag or five of some of the best coffee beans that are locally sourced? Here are a few selections of premium Philippines-sourced coffee beans you can get for them:

    1. Benguet Delight Arabica Single Origin – Sourced from the mountainous regions of Cordillera, these beans have mild citrus flavor notes when brewed. 
    2. Mt. Apo Sensational Fruity Single Origin – Mt. Apo is famous for producing world-class Arabica beans. Known for their fruity flavor notes, these beans are perfect for drip brews and pour-over. 
    3. Sagada Finest Arabica Coffee – Ideal for espresso shots, Sagada Finest Arabica gives you a nutty and sugary flavor for that strong cup of coffee in the morning.
    4. Pinoy Boost Arabica Blend – Now, if you want to give them a unique experience, Curated’s carefully crafted blend, Pinoy Boost Arabica Coffee, would be a perfect gift for coffee lovers. A mix of the Benguet, Sagada, and Mt. Apo coffee beans, they’ll get a subtle nutty, cocoa flavor with every energy-boosting cup.

    Or if you’d like to give them a full coffee gift set for the full experience of brewing their own cup of coffee, there’s also Curated’s coffee gift box, complete with Philippine-sourced Arabica beans, a French Press Coffee Maker, and a small kitchen scale so they can precisely measure out the coffee-to-water ratio.



    Coffee Gift Ideas for the Coffee Connoisseurs

    For coffee connoisseurs and long-time enthusiasts, they’re probably well-versed in the world of different brewing techniques, from siphon coffee to pour-over. And what better way to make their Christmas than to give them high-quality coffee equipment they can use to alternate with their usual brewer? To help you, we’ve compiled some of the best coffee gift ideas to help them elevate their daily cup:

    AeroPress Coffee Maker

    AeroPress coffee makers are designed to be compact, fast, and convenient. Designed for outdoorsy coffee lovers, AeroPress is engineered to brew smooth, rich coffee with great flavor notes, but with a brewer that’s easy to bring along with you. If you think your friends need access to quick coffee fixes, AeroPress would be great since all they would need is about a minute to brew hot coffee or two minutes for cold brew.

    Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot Maker

    Cold-brew coffee offers a distinctly smoother texture compared to iced coffee, thanks to the longer brew time. While cold brews are widely available in coffee shops today, most people avoid brewing them at home since they don’t have the right equipment. Enter Hario Cold Brew Coffee, an innovative brewer that makes cold brew coffee easier to make. Give this as a gift to coffee lovers and let them enjoy a smooth cold cup of coffee without the hassle of filtering and storing large containers in their refrigerators overnight.

    Hario V60 Dripping Cup

    Pour-over coffee is considered the best brewing technique for single-origin coffee thanks to its ability to magnify and extract unique flavors and taste profiles. The Hario V60 Dripping Cup is specifically and scientifically designed to produce as much extraction as possible with its shape and inner ridges. If you think that your friends or family like being as precise as possible in brewing their cup of coffee, this would be a perfect coffee lover gift this Christmas.


    Brewing Accessories to Gift Your Coffee-Loving Friends

    If you’re not quite sure if they’re open to trying out a different brewing technique, you can always give them brewing accessories, like coffee scales and shakers, to accompany their existing equipment. Here are a few coffee accessories we think would be a good fit:

    Ceramic Coffee Grinder

    Coffee lovers know that freshly ground coffee beans produce the best cup of morning coffee. With a Hario Mini Mill Slim Ceramic Coffee Grinder, your friends will have a consistent grind every morning for their first cup of coffee.

    Gooseneck Coffee Kettle

    With pour-over coffee, it’s absolutely crucial to have full control of the water volume you’re pouring into a dripping cup at one time. With a gooseneck coffee kettle, they will be able to pour water slowly, smoothly, and consistently. To make pour-over brewing easier for coffee lovers, gift them with a Hario V60 Buono Drip Kettle this Christmas.

    Milk Frothers

    Specifically designed for lattes, Hario’s manual milk frother makes the perfect milk froth for two cups of coffee. All they need is cold milk, and about 20 to 30 seconds of their time for frothy milk they can top their cappuccino with.

    Coffee Beans Canister

    Storing coffee beans right helps maintain their flavor for longer periods of time, lowering the chances of them becoming stale or rancid. Gift coffee lovers with a Hario Coffee Beans Canister to help them prolong their coffee beans’ lifespan, and they’ll surely love you all the more for it.


    Get High-Quality, Premium Coffee Gifts Straight to Your Doorstep

    We know how hard it is to choose gifts for everyone, especially during the holidays. That’s why we’d like to make shopping as hassle-free as possible here at With our wide selection of coffee accessories and supplies, shopping for Christmas gifts for your coffee lover friends is now all the easier.

    If you’re feeling generous, you can even get them curated coffee gift boxes, and we’ll ship them anywhere locally. You can personalize coffee gift sets to include all the essentials that coffee lovers would need, whether they’re a newbie in the coffee scene or a true connoisseur. You can rest assured that we at will only give you the highest-quality, premium products to help coffee lovers brew the perfect cup of coffee.