The Gift of Giving: Surprise Friends and Family with a Curated Gift BoxNews

    Giving gifts is a thoughtful gesture embraced by people. It's always amazing to be at the receiving end of a fabulous gift, even more so when the gifts are unique and creative.

    Giving a personalized gift in the Philippines is not uncommon, but we've only recently experienced the rise of curated boxes filled with goodies and self-care or self-love items. For instance, if you're close friends with someone who enjoys brewing their own cup of coffee at home, a curated coffee gift box is sure to lift their spirits. Curated gifts are thought of as more thoughtful, especially if they take into account the taste, interests, and hobbies of the recipient.

    In this article, let's delve deeper into the rising popularity of curated gifts in Manila and why gift boxes make giving a lot more special.


    What is a curated gift box?

    A curated gift box is a set that's been carefully chosen and thoughtfully presented or organized. Usually, it's a collection of pre-selected items that complement each other. For instance, the Coffee Delight Pack at contains a French Press coffee maker, a small kitchen scale, and premium single-origin Arabica coffee beans -- perfect for coffee aficionados. You can give them to your partner, a friend, a family member, or even for yourself.

    Another example of a curated gift box would be one that contains aromatherapy items: a scented candle, a box of matches, a linen spray, and a bar of handcrafted soap. These all complement one another and they're arranged in such a fashion that the items look more presentable. They can be put in a premium box complete with faux flowers and other decorative materials to make the packaging stand out.

    Reasons to buy a personalized gift box

    As previously mentioned, giving personalized gifts in the Philippines is not a rare phenomenon. However, if you want to impress your recipient with a thoughtful gift, it’s high-time you send them a curated box containing goodies they’ll love.

    Here are compelling reasons to buy a personalized gift box in the Philippines.


    All-rounder gifts

    Curated box sets can be typically given to anyone no matter the occasion. These are particularly helpful if you're invited to a party and an event and you don't know the exact taste or preferences of the person. With the array of items in a curated box, your recipient is sure to find something that strikes a chord with them.

    There are plenty of curated gifts in Manila perfect for weddings, baby showers, and the nearing holidays. And if you just want to send someone dear to you with a present to perk them up, a simple coffee gift box or skincare set will lift their spirits.


    Premium quality

    A curated box tends to contain high-quality items, usually from local artisan shops and brands. Of course, that means you’re assured the individual items were crafted meticulously by experts in the trade.

    This means you also support the community of small business owners in the Philippines, giving these craftspeople an opportunity to share their products with the people you hold close. You get to give gifts to your loved ones and give back to the community too.


    Exciting to open

    Okay, we can argue that each gift is always exciting to open but one of the most important steps in the gifting experience is the presentation. For those not born with gift wrapping skills, you can spend hours choosing the perfect decorative materials and trying to get clean lines and perfect corners and still end up with a mess.

    In gift giving, oftentimes the presentation matters too. After all, some people usually post their gifts to their social media accounts, and this includes the gift's packaging.

    Curated boxes and sets tend to have gorgeous packaging, because it's part of the price you pay for when you order from any online gift shop in the Philippines. Plus, when your recipient sees that your gift is IG-worthy, they're likely to post it on their social media accounts and share their presents online.


    Perfect care packages

    With the fear of the COVID-19 infection, it's considered an act of love that we physically distance ourselves from our friends and family. But that doesn't mean we have to stop letting them know how much we love and appreciate them.

    With that in mind, you can easily send curated gifts and care packages to your friends and family to let them know you're thinking of them. But given the community quarantine, it can be a challenge to shop for gifts. Luckily, you can always find an online gift shop in the Philippines with curated boxes in their offerings. Getting curated gifts from these online shops and sending them to your recipients will make your life easier and safer.

    Plus, they're not generic presents at all! Some shops let you add a personal touch to each box, from choosing the items to designing how they're packaged. You can curate the perfect personalized gift to anyone you hold dear.


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