The Ber Months Are Here: Why Thermal Coffee Mugs Are the Way to GoNews

    Getting and drinking coffee is a whole new experience every day. But, if you’re someone who buys coffee cups daily, you could be a significant contributor to coffee pollution around the world. That's not good news for anyone trying to relax with a nice cup of coffee. So, what better way to save the environment than to switch to reusable types of coffee mugs?

    Reusable mugs, like thermal coffee mugs, are an effective way to cut down on waste - especially since it’s now estimated that approximately 16 billion single-use paper coffee cups are discarded each year globally. Not only are thermal coffee mugs eco-friendly, but they’re also compact, portable, and they’d make a wonderful holiday gift. Read on as we tell you why thermal coffee mugs are the way to go!

    What Are Thermal Coffee Mugs?

    Thermal coffee mugs aren’t like the typical mugs we see on the market. These mugs are specially designed to preserve the freshness of every beverage, so people can still sip hot or cold drinks on the go. How do they do that? 

    Well, thermal mugs are made of materials that do the magic. A decent thermal mug can keep cold beverages for up to 15 hours, while hot drinks can be preserved for about 8 hours. Thermal mugs also have double walls that keep coffee lovers from scalding their hands while holding the mug.

    Moreover, all types of thermal coffee mugs are reusable, portable, and easy to clean. You can easily clean them with dish soap and water or just pop them in your dishwasher. Thermal coffee mugs with a lid are also spill-proof because of their watertight covers and anti-skid technology.

    Common Types of Reusable Thermal Coffee Mugs

    Reusable coffee mugs are not limited to one material; other materials can similarly maintain the quality of both hot and cold beverages for extended periods. Here are the following types of reusable mugs:

    Stainless Steel

    The most common material used for making thermal mugs is stainless steel. One of the most recyclable drinkware, stainless steel coffee mugs are ideal for temperature-sensitive liquids because they can keep hot and cold temperatures for long periods of time. They’re also highly durable and are just the go-to choice for healthy and sustainable drinkware. 

    Let’s dig deeper and discuss the pros and cons of a stainless steel thermal coffee mug:


    – Supports desired drink temperatures for up to 24 hours on high and 6 hours on low.

    – Doesn’t condense outside, so you don’t have to worry about the mug “sweating” when used for cold brews. 

    – Made mostly of chromium, making it the most recyclable material because its healing factors enable a long life cycle.

    – Easiest material to clean.


    – Some low-quality stainless steel mugs can cause a metallic aftertaste.

    – Low-quality stainless steel mugs can leach toxins, so buy one with 18% chromium and 8% nickel for corrosion and oxidation resistance.


    Plastic is another type of material used for coffee mugs. Reusable plastic mugs are distinct from plastic water bottles. Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer used to make plastic materials, makes up the majority of typical plastic bottles. With this material, normal plastic bottles are not durable enough to be cleaned and rewashed, so they cannot be reused. 

    As for reusable mugs, they are thicker, more durable, and can withstand repeated washing and cleaning. Reusable mug production also decreases the overproduction of plastics used to make single-use drinkware like polypropylene, polystyrene (Styrofoam), and polyethylene (PET). Because they can come in different shapes and sizes, plastic coffee mugs are becoming popular choices for coffee drinkers.

    Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of a plastic reusable coffee mug:


    – Reinforced plastic is a very sturdy material, making plastic coffee mugs long-lasting.

    – Wide selection of plastic coffee mugs to choose from, including a wide range of colors, styles, and capacities to suit every coffee drinker's needs.

    – The most affordable type of coffee mug.


    – Plastic can absorb some liquid particles, impacting the flavor of your coffee, especially when it’s hot.

    – Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in the production of plastic, can be hazardous if it leaches from plastic mugs. This is why manufacturers are now switching to safer plastic alternatives so they can produce better plastic reusable coffee mugs.


    Another eco-friendly option for a reusable coffee mug is those made from glass. Due to their fragility, glass coffee mugs are uncommon, but they’re ideal for home use. Here are some pros and cons of having a glass coffee mug.


    – Unlike stainless steel and plastic coffee mugs, glass mugs can maintain the true flavor of hot and cold brews.

    – Doesn’t absorb odor and can be cleaned easily.


    – Glass mugs are fragile and can break quickly when not handled carefully.

    Benefits of Using Thermal Coffee Mugs

    Now that you're familiar with the various options for coffee mugs, let's delve deeper into the many advantages of using them over single-use coffee cups. 

    Eco-friendly and Practical

    Generally speaking, thermal coffee mugs are relatively eco-friendlier than paper cups or any single cups used at coffee shops. Paper cups are not eco-friendly, as some people think, because they are made up of materials that keep liquids warm, such as polyethylene. Because of this, paper cups can’t be recycled. Additionally, when polyethylene is heated, antimony, a substance used in plastic making that can be toxic to humans in high doses, may leach into your coffee.

    Thermal coffee mugs are also a practical alternative. When you’re having a busy day, you can just brew your own coffee at home and pour it into your travel mug. Thermal mugs are portable and can be easily carried around, so they’re truly very convenient.

    Enhanced Temperature Retention

    One of the best features of reusable coffee mugs is that they can maintain the temperature of your coffee for a significantly longer period of time. Better temperature retention and no coffee spills while on the go? That would be the result of using a high-quality mug with double walls and a vacuum seal.

    Save Money in the Long Run

    Some types of coffee mugs can be pretty expensive, but their cutting-edge and durable features make them quite an investment. When you consider the cost of buying coffee every day, it becomes clear that brewing your own at home is a long-term cost-saver. Remember, the best coffee mugs are investments because they can be used for years to come.

    How to Choose the Right Thermal Coffee Mugs

    As coffee mugs come in different variations, it’s important to do your research first before buying one. No matter the price tag, you don't want to risk buying something that falls short of your needs. So, besides the benefits we’ve listed, consider the following factors to find the right coffee travel mug!


    How much do I want to drink?

    The size of your thermal coffee mug matters when choosing which one to buy. If you only want a small portion of caffeine every day, you may opt for a travel mug that can hold at least 8 ounces of coffee. If you drink more than one cup of coffee daily, however, you may want to invest in a travel mug that can hold as much as a liter. 

    Lid Type

    What type of lid should I use?

    Unless your coffee mug has a lid, you'll have to spend the rest of your day carefully balancing it in your hands so that none of your brew spills. Snap-on, screw-on, and press-on lids are just some of the options available for your portable mug. These various lids prevent spills, so you can enjoy your reusable coffee mug without haste.


    What coffee mug suits my personality?

    Coffee drinkers who enjoy being on the cutting edge of fashion can do so with the help of thermal coffee mugs that come in various designs. Some coffee mugs come in different colors, so if you’re someone who lives a colorful life, you can go for iridescent or neon hues. Those who emphasize aesthetics can also select mugs made to look like wood. There are many different designs available for coffee mugs. Therefore, it is important that you select the one that best suits your preferences.

    Green Up Your Holiday Coffee Routine

    After reading this, you should have no doubt that thermal coffee mugs are the superior option for enjoying your favorite beverages. These reusable mugs are efficient, trendy, and a great way to help save the environment. During this season of giving, consider giving your loved ones the gift of a thermal coffee mug so that they, too, can do their part to preserve our planet.

    What are you waiting for? Get on the road and reap the environmental rewards of using reusable mugs for your holiday coffee!