Brewing Upside Down: The Aeropress Inverted Method GuideNews

    The AeroPress coffee maker has been helping coffee lovers with caffeine intake since 2005. This travel-friendly brewer allows you to have coffee wherever you go all day long. Now, those who brew in an AeroPress (and those new to coffee brewing) are in for a treat. With the AeroPress inverted method, your cup of coffee will taste better than ever.

    AeroPress brewing isn’t customarily done upside down. Traditionally, AeroPress brewing happens by plunging and forcing water through the coffee extracts to bring aromatic and delicious brews. However, coffee experts suggest that the AeroPress inverted method gives more flavorful brews than the traditional one.

    Are you intrigued? This article will compare the traditional and inverted AeroPress approaches, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this unconventional AeroPress brewing technique, and give you inverted method brewing instructions.

    AeroPress Inverted Method vs. Regular Method

    Making coffee with an AeroPress is a breeze. Many people are fans of this coffee maker because it uses cutting-edge filter technology that efficiently produces delicious coffee without acidity or bitterness. In just a matter of minutes, coffee enthusiasts can make clean, flavorful coffee with an AeroPress.

    If the standard method of AeroPress brewing already creates a delectable brew, how does the inverted method differ? In the eyes of coffee connoisseurs, the most telling distinction between the two methods is in the coffee's extraction.

    To help you make your decision, here’s a brief rundown of the two methods and their pros and cons:

    Regular AeroPress Method

    In the traditional method, water is pushed or percolated through the coffee grounds. The delicious extracts filled with flavorful oils drip into the mug as the water plunges through the coffee grounds. This technique takes 60 to 180 seconds, depending on how long you steep. The regular method is the one that most can follow once they’ve got hold of an AeroPress brewer.

    If you’re unsure about using this method, then check out some of its pros and cons:


    •  The regular method is easy to follow and ideal for those just starting their coffee brewing experience.
    •  The grounds sink to the bottom, forming a self-filtering layer that can improve pressure.
    •  The regular method produces better-tasting coffee with a lighter body. In contrast, the inverted AeroPress method creates a heavier body, which may not be for everyone.


    • The normal method causes coffee to begin dripping immediately, resulting in a weak and under-extracted brew at the bottom. Prevent too much dripping before pouring your coffee, invest in some high-quality filters.

    Inverted AeroPress Method

    The inverted AeroPress method is a variation of the traditional technique. In this method, the grounds are submerged in water for several minutes before plunging into a coffee mug. This method takes about 2-3 minutes to get the preferred taste and body.

    Here are its benefits and drawbacks:


    • - Coffee lovers can steep their brews for as long as they want with the inverted method without worrying about it dripping too soon in the filter.
    • - The inverted AeroPress method ensures complete immersion brewing.
    • - Inverting the AeroPress mixes the flavorful coffee oils at the top of the chamber, increasing the chance that some will pass through the filter and into your cup.


    • - The inverted Aeropress method can cause accidental slips if not done safely. In case you flip the inverted way without due care, it may spill and cause you to get burned. To avoid such accidents, place the mug upside down onto the filter cup, lift it, and gently invert the AeroPress.

    Whether you favor the conventional or inverted approaches, the key factors to consider are your personal preference, how flexible you are, and how open you are to improving your technique. With that, follow these inverted-method instructions to achieve your favorite AeroPress brews.

    AeroPress Inverted Method Instructions

    Brewing coffee in the inverted AeroPress method is just as simple as in the standard process. The only difference is the time you want the coffee to soak in hot water for a more flavorful brew. Here’s a step-by-step guide to brewing AeroPress coffee upside-down:

    Step 1

    Prepare the materials and ingredients for brewing. You’ll need an AeroPress Go Portable Coffee Maker, a paper filter, favorite coffee grounds, and hot water.

    Step 2

    Insert the paper filter into the cap and rinse to remove any possible paper taste. Alternatively, you can pre-warm your cup with hot water before brewing.

    Step 3

    To form a seal, insert the plunger into the main chamber of the AeroPress. This will make the AeroPress balanced so that the inverted method will work.

    Step 4

    Prepare the AeroPress by filling it with 14 grams of freshly ground coffee. It's best to use freshly ground coffee for a better taste. In addition, the grind size for an AeroPress should be about the same as coarse beach sand.

    Step 5

    Add 50ml of boiled and briefly cooled water to the AeroPress with a temperature around 92-94° Celsius. If you don't have a kettle with a temperature gauge, you can get close by letting the water sit for a minute or two after it boils.

    Step 6

    To ensure that all grounds are wet, stir twice in a circular motion. After that, the next step in the AeroPress inverted method is to wait 30 seconds for the mixture to bubble slightly.

    Step 7

    When the mixture slightly bubbles, pour another 170ml of water and stir again. Wait for another 2 minutes.

    Step 8

    After 2 minutes, screw the cap with the paper filter onto the AeroPress. Then, flip the AeroPress upside down, so it sits on top of your cup. Don't be concerned about spilling—the lid of the AeroPress forms a seal, so there's little chance of leakage.

    Step 9

    Push down on the plunger until you hear the air hiss. This step takes about 30 seconds as a bit of pressure is needed to force the water through the paper.

    Step 10

    Enjoy your freshly brewed AeroPress inverted method coffee!

    Making an AeroPress Espresso Using the Inverted Method

    Now that you know the AeroPress inverted method instructions, here’s another flavorful technique you can do with this device: brewing an AeroPress espresso.

    Espresso brewed in an AeroPress is aromatic, crisp, and has a heavier-than-average body. It has all the qualities of a good espresso, including flavor, balance, and intensity, but it’s not quite as intense as authentic espresso. Espresso brewed from a machine has a more intense and concentrated taste. This is because the increased pressure in an espresso machine results in a more powerful shot of coffee. Although it’s not exactly a true espresso, making this in an AeroPress is still worth a try for coffee lovers who love to experiment.

    If you’re craving an espresso at home and you lack the machine, you can brew some with the inverted method:

    Step 1

    Gather the materials and ingredients you’ll need. For this process, prepare an AeroPress with a filter, timer, coffee grinder, coffee scale, water kettle, mug, and 17 grams of coffee beans.

    Step 2

    Like the AeroPress inverted method, rinse and insert your preferred filter into the filter cap of your Aeropress. Insert the plunger until it reaches the middle of the brewing chamber.

    Step 3

    Heat the water in the kettle to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, or 90.56 degrees Celsius.

    Step 4

    Finely grind the 17 grams of coffee beans using your grinder. Once done, pour the grounds into the AeroPress. Do not grind the beans too finely, as it will be tough to plunge.

    Step 5

    Set the Aeropress on the scale and prepare the timer. Begin by starting your timer and slowly pouring in 55g of water. This step should take 10 seconds to reach your target weight.

    Step 6

    For 15 seconds, shake the inverted Aeropress in a circular motion to create a slurry. You can also stir the mixture to achieve this step.

    Step 7

    Place the filter cap on the AeroPress at the 0:25 mark, invert the device over a mug, and plunge. The coffee fluid must be pushed out of the brewing chamber by 0:30.

    After following all these steps, you’ll have an Aeropress espresso using the inverted method. You can serve this brew as is or make concoctions like lattes and cappuccinos.

    Take Your Brewing Skills to the Next Level with the AeroPress Inverted Method

    Coffee brewing is a life-long skill that coffee lovers can hone over time. Anyone can become a barista by using various coffee brewing devices, such as the AeroPress coffee maker. So, try brewing coffee in an inverted AeroPress method.

    For seasoned coffee brewers who haven’t tried this technique, now’s the time to take your brewing skills to the next level. Who knows? You may discover flavors you never knew could be found in coffee.