Why You Should Brew Coffee at Home: A Case for Home BrewingNews

    Coffee is pretty much ubiquitous nowadays, which is absolutely great for coffee lovers. But of course, there is the matter of where you get your coffee from. While there are undoubtedly many coffee shops you can get your caffeine fix from, there are many reasons for you to brew coffee at home too.

    From convenience to taste, there are a ton of reasons why coffee at home is a good option. Not to mention the fact that it’s every coffee lover’s dream to have their very own coffee shop inside their own house. So how good is home brewed coffee?

    In this article, we list down the many benefits of brewing coffee at home and make a case for home brewed coffee.

    3 Reasons to Brew Coffee at Home

    With so many coffee shops serving delicious brews, you might be wondering why you should brew coffee at home. After all, having your favorite drink ready upfront seems to be a more convenient option. But brewing coffee at home has its charms and gives you a guarantee that your caffeine fix was brewed, just the way you like it.

    So what are the best reasons to brew coffee at home?

    1. Save Money

    One of the biggest reasons to brew coffee at home is to save up money. For many people, coffee is essential. That’s why there are a ton of coffee shops lined up near busy districts, schools, and offices. Coffee lovers need their caffeine fix to function after all.

    Unfortunately, good coffee can be quite expensive. A good cup of coffee can start anywhere around 100 PHP. Even when it’s cheaper, the daily cost of a cup of coffee can weigh on your budget. But when you brew coffee at home, you don’t really have to worry about spending more for your caffeine fix.

    Buying your own coffee beans or grounds, as well as your own equipment such as an espresso machine for your home may seem costly at first, but they’re both worthwhile investments. When you make your own coffee, you don’t have to worry about the extra costs, such as the container, cups, creams, and labor. It’s a really good way to save up without completely letting go of your favorite drink.

    2. Improve Your Health

    Coffee has notoriously been called unhealthy because of the presence of caffeine and sugar in its iterations, but did you know that the drink is actually incredibly healthy?

    Coffee has a ton of nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants. Depending on your preferred method of brewing, you can also have a less acidic version of coffee. The biggest reason why commercial coffee can be unhealthy is because of all the additives shops include when they make your cup.

    While you don’t have to stick to black coffee, brewing your own cup lets you control everything you put in. If you’re someone who’s particularly concerned about your own health, then brewing coffee will definitely put your mind at ease. Whether you love your coffee black or prefer a sweeter configuration, you can choose what kind and how much of everything you include.

    3. Slow Down

    Many people who opt for instant coffee or coffee shop drinks are people who are always in a rush. After all, when it’s a stressful day, you just want everything to be quick and easy. But one of the biggest benefits of brewing coffee at home is finding the time to disconnect from the rushing, stressful day and to focus simply on one task at a time.

    Another reason to brew coffee at home is that it can save you time. Surprising, right? But think about it: the amount of time you travel to a coffee shop, the time you wait in line, the time you wait for your order…all of those could easily pile up and exceed the time you need to make your perfect cup. It’s probably a small difference, but it could greatly impact your daily routine.

    Brewing coffee at home lets you build and enforce habits. It also allows you to have your own meditative time, where you can simply relax, breathe, and look forward to the day. It’s like taking control of your own time and hopefully, such an experience leaves you with positive feelings and excited energy.

    The Perfect Brew, from and for You

    No one knows you like you know yourself, and that adage translates to everything–including coffee.

    From your preferred coffee grounds to your favorite coffee add-ons, the best way to make sure that you get the cup you want and deserve is to do it yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than making your favorite drink in the comfort of your own safe haven?

    One of the biggest benefits of brewing coffee at home is that you’re making the perfect cup for yourself. You have full control over everything–from time to container. Even the littlest things can be tweaked to your preference.

    So what are you waiting for? Start getting those coffee grounds and brewing equipment and make the perfect cup today.