The Right Brew For You: The Different Types of Coffee Brewing MethodsNews

    While coffee lovers definitely have their favorites when it comes to their drinks, coffee connoisseurs will most definitely have a preferred way of preparing their coffee. With so many different coffee brewing methods available, newcomers might feel intimidated and overwhelmed--which is why we made this short guide to the different types of coffee brewing methods for you!

    Learn how to brew coffee at home, understand the differences between the different coffee brewing methods, and find the best way to prepare your favorite drink with this guide:

    The Different Coffee Brewing Instructions

    Depending on which brewing method you will be using, you may need more materials for your coffee making process. For instance, if you make coffee with a French Press, you won’t really need much except for the coffee grounds and hot water. However, if you make coffee using the pour over method, you will need paper filters to get your drink.

    The difference between the different coffee brewing methods lies in the finished result: the coffee itself. You may use the same grounds every morning, but have a different cup of coffee if you change up the brewing method you use. Aside from the coffee, there are some differences in the ingredients or materials used for each brewing method. The biggest variables in the different methods are usually the filter material, grind size, and the coffee maker you’ll use.

    If you’re wondering how to best prepare coffee, then read up on the different brewing methods and find the perfect fit for you:

    The French Press Method

    If you’re wondering how to prepare coffee that is dense, heavy, and full-bodied, then you should probably consider using the French Press method. This method is one of the most popular brewing methods, mostly because of its simplicity and affordability. With this method, coffee grounds are put in a cylindrical container where water is poured over and filtered through with a mesh-filtered plunger. This manual brewing method is very easy to do and for coffee lovers with limited space, this method helps you save space in your pantries or breakfast bars.

    Here are some things to remember when brewing with a French Press:

    1. Use coarse coffee grounds. When working with a French Press, avoid using fine coffee grounds. Since you will most likely have a filter that can’t exactly sift through the smallest particles, using fine coffee grounds could lead to sediments getting in your cup.
    2. Measure the water and the grounds. Making the perfect coffee using the French Press means getting the right coffee to water ratio.
    3. Be mindful of the steeping time. This particular method isn’t the most complicated, which is why you should be mindful of the simple steps involved in the coffee making process. Most experts recommend a maximum of 4 minutes when steeping your coffee.

      The Pour Over Method

      Another popular brewing method is the pour over method--the perfect method for those looking to add a bit of routine and ritual in their mornings. The pour over method uses a paper coffee filter which results in a sweeter and cleaner tasting coffee. A notable part of this method is the cone shaped coffee makers which influence the overall taste of the resulting coffee.

      There are several coffee makers that you can use if you’re going to use the pour over method, the Hario V60 being one of the most recognizable drip coffee makers worldwide.

      Similar to the French Press method, the pour over method works best with medium ground coffee. If you’ll be using this brewing method, make sure to take note of specific coffee brewing instructions with either the equipment or coffee beans.

      The Stovetop Brewing Method

      If you’ve seen those interesting stovetop brewers, then you might be familiar with the Stovetop Moka Pot. Coffee connoisseurs know this pot to be the staple of the stovetop brewing method. For this method, a stovetop style coffee maker pushes water from the lower chamber of the device. The water passes through the pot, with the deliciously brewed coffee sitting atop the higher chamber.

      The stovetop brewing method usually creates a strong, bitter espresso-style coffee that’s equivalent to a single shot of espresso.

      Here are some reminders if you want to try out this brewing method:

      1. Use fine coffee grounds for this method.
      2. Make sure there’s a gas stove available. For this method, you will need to brew your coffee on top of a stove with easily controlled fire. That means having a reliable gas stove available for your morning cup of coffee. Make sure to read the coffee brewing instructions carefully when using this specific method.

        The Cold Brew Method

        Sometimes, you just want a cold drink to beat the heat--even if it is coffee. For those looking for a chill version of their caffeine fix, cold brew is their usual drink of choice. If you’re wondering how to brew delicious cold coffee at home, then you should definitely try out the cold brew method.

        Unlike the methods above, the cold brew method doesn’t use hot water in its coffee making process. Instead, the cold brew method uses room temperature water to submerge the coffee grounds. The grounds are left immersed in the water for about 8 to 12 hours while in the refrigerator. The result is a light, tart, and refreshing brew that coffee connoisseurs are sure to enjoy. Another great thing about this method is that the resulting coffee is less acidic, making it a perfect choice for those looking for coffee that isn’t very strong.

        Remember the following when making cold brew:

        1. Use fine coffee grounds for cold brew.
        2. Use the right brewing equipment. Cold brew lovers know just how much of a hassle preparing cold brew is without the right equipment. Thankfully, coffee makers like the Hario Cold Brew and AeroPress were designed to help coffee lovers brew their favorite drink conveniently.

          How to Brew Coffee At Home?

          With everyone staying at home, coffee runs to your favorite cafes aren’t exactly possible anymore. While you may not have your favorite barista's friendly greeting daily, you don’t have to live without your favorite drink. With all the available coffee maker options in the Philippines, you can easily set up your own coffee shop at home and brew your own favorite drinks.

          Whether you like your coffee black or with a little milk, there’s one perfect way to make coffee for you. With the different coffee brewing methods available to coffee lovers, you can easily find your favorite way of making coffee. Experiment with different brewing techniques and enjoy your favorite drink differently each time.