How to Make Dalgona Coffee At HomeNews

    Preparing coffee, at least instant coffee, should be simple enough. Just add hot water, then you should be good to go, right? Technically, yes--but that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to make coffee if you don’t have premium coffee beans on hand.

    Enter the dalgona coffee. Amidst the crazy and viral stay-at-home trends that happened during the pandemic, coffee lovers probably enjoyed this trend the most. With less than four ingredients needed, people quickly searched how to make dalgona coffee at home.

    Easily one of the most interesting and delicious ways to prepare instant coffee, this drink is certainly something every coffee lover should try at least once. Although it’s recommended that you prepare dalgona coffee with a mixer, you can easily make one even with just the standard utensils in your house.

    Read more to learn how to make the best dalgona coffee--even without a mixer!


    Simple, easy to make coffee

    The allure of instant coffee is that it’s fast and affordable. Get those same benefits, but with an upgrade every time you make dalgona coffee. After all, the star of this recipe is still your favorite instant coffee!

    When you’re figuring out how to make dalgona coffee at home, keep in mind that it doesn’t require a lot of frills or fluff. In fact all you need are the following ingredients:


    • 2 tablespoons instant coffee
    • 2 tablespoons sugar
    • 2tablespoons hot water
    • Milk
    • Ice cubes


    And just like that, all you have to do is mix the instant coffee, sugar, and hot water together until it reaches a smooth, frothy, creamy consistency. Once you have your whipped coffee, simply add it to your chilled or iced milk and you have your very own dalgona coffee!

    The sheer simplicity of making dalgona coffee makes it an easy but tasty concoction that you should try making at home. The most difficult part of learning how to make dalgona coffee at home is actually waiting for the coffee mixture to froth. While this is easily remedied by an electric mixer, you can still make your coffee even without one.


    Make dalgona coffee--mixer free!

    Even without a mixer, you can still make dalgona coffee--you just need to be a little patient and willing to get an arm workout.

    Here are some ways on how to make dalgona coffee without a mixer:


    With a frother

    An electric milk frother is an excellent alternative if you don’t have an electric mixer with you. It’s basically a smaller mixer that can be specifically used when you want to serve drinks. If you happen to have one, then the frother should easily get the job done and you can enjoy your coffee in no time at all.


    With a fork or a whisk

    If you don’t have a mixer or a frother on hand, then your next best bet is to use a fork or a whisk. Combine your coffee, sugar, and hot water in a bowl and vigorously whisk until the mixture thickens and you see the creamy texture from your coffee mixture.

    Be warned that this method will give your arms a workout, but sometimes, that’s just the price we pay for delicious coffee!


    Shake it up

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to even a fork, it’s still technically possible to create dalgona coffee. Keep in mind, though, that the process will be quite strenuous and messy. Depending on what’s available, you can use water bottles or even plastic baggies (like Ziploc) and shake the ingredients until you achieve your desired consistency.

    It’s definitely not the most ideal way to prepare your coffee, but this process gets you your daily caffeine fix.


    Elevate your cup

    With easy,simple steps, you can already get a creative twist to your daily cup. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there! Go one step further and get the full “coffee-shop experience,” even if you already know how to make dalgona coffee at home.

    Here are some ways to customize and elevate your dalgona coffee:


    Add in some chocolate

    Chocolate and coffee are two things that work really well together. If you want to add an extra dose of sweetness into your morning cup, adding a dash of chocolate can make your dalgona coffee taste even better! Use chocolate chips if you want an extra crunch in your drink, or if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, adding in some cocoa powder to the whipped coffee mix also works.


    Put in some pearls

    Pearls don’t just belong in your favorite milk tea, you can add them in your cup of coffee too! Because you’re using a chilled milk base for dalgona coffee, you can add in some tapioca pearls into the mix. Make your own coffee-slash-boba tea order and enjoy your morning brew!


    Find a different flavor

    Get creative and try out different flavors in your coffee mix. Because of the simplicity of dalgona coffee, people have tried using different ingredients when they whip up their own recipe. Add in a bit of salt and vanilla to yours and get a vanilla dalgona coffee mix.

    Feeling a bit bolder? Try out different flavors, like matcha and mocha or use infused water for the whipping process, and see where your barista adventures will take you!


    Cheers to that!

    Gone are the days when you had to go out and visit a coffee shop to get crafted coffee. Today, you can make your own specialty coffee at the comforts of your own home. Dalgona coffee is one of the fastest, easiest, and most convenient ways to prepare your favorite drink. That creamy, frothy texture elevates your morning cup and gives your homemade coffee something a little extra.