Coffee Supplies and Equipment for Starting Coffee ShopsNews

    Even with the ongoing pandemic, the popularity of coffee has not dropped. At home, coffee drinkers made sure that they won’t have to go without their beloved drink by purchasing their own coffee equipment and accessories. In fact, there are a lot of high quality coffee makers for sale in the Philippines. Still, even with the best coffee, sometimes nothing beats that perfect cup of coffee prepared by your favorite barista from your go-to coffee shop.

    Coffee shops don’t seem to have slowed down either, despite everyone staying at home. While people can’t exactly stay and haul up at coffee shops nowadays, that doesn’t mean that you can’t successfully own and operate one during the pandemic. If you ever thought about whipping up your own concoctions and serving coffee-loving drinkers, then maybe it’s time to set up shop. With the right coffee shop equipment and business set up, you can still get the shop of your dreams.

    If you’re wondering what kind of equipment is needed for an operational coffee shop, check out our guide to the different types of coffee equipment you’ll use in a coffee shop:


    Coffee Makers

    As a coffee shop, you’re definitely going to need several high-quality coffee makers to keep things operational. While it may be tempting to just get one durable, heavy-duty coffee maker, keep in mind that you will be making different kinds of drinks. Make sure that you get the right kind of coffee makers  for your coffee shop so you can serve up only the best drinks to your patrons.

    While there are several coffee makers you can choose from, here are some of the essential coffee makers to have in your shop:


    Drip Coffee Makers

    Whether you’re a small quaint business or if you’ll be catering to a metropolitan area, a large part of your sales will involve black coffee. Given that, it’s imperative that you acquire a durable coffee maker that is able to produce a large amount of coffee--especially during peak hours! A large coffee maker would also save you from constantly having to brew coffee throughout the day.

    Coffee shops usually offer different coffee blends to their customers, so if you choose to provide more options for your patrons, then that means investing in several coffee makers too. A good quality coffee maker already helps you create excellent coffee, but for coffee shops, you might need to have at least two on hand depending on the number of blends available.

    There are several drip coffee makers you can choose from, but when picking one, you should consider the quantity of coffee you need to make, the cost, and convenience. Generally, coffee shops tend to opt for automatic drip coffee makers since they can produce large amounts of coffee without having to be overly complicated.

    While your coffee shop will most probably rely on automatic drip coffee makers, some customers prefer a more personal experience with their coffee. In those cases, you might want to give them the option of single drip coffee makers which still gives your customers satisfying coffee. An excellent drip coffee maker is the Hario V60. If you’re interested in learning how to make coffee with Hario V60, then you should consider adding the coffee maker to your arsenal as well.


    Espresso Machines

    An espresso machine should be one of the first things you check off your coffee shop supplies and equipment checklist. A lot of coffee drinks will contain espresso, so invest in a high-quality espresso machine to make your life easier. A lot of espresso machines can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to operating them, but that’s alright--practice makes perfect!

    That being said, some espresso machines are quite expensive. While you are looking for a high quality coffee machine, you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money for an espresso machine. Check out other options that fit your budget and your shop’s needs before settling for a pricey piece of equipment.

    When picking out an espresso machine, you should consider both your experience with working with one and how much effort your baristas will need when working with the said machine. If you want to work with something simple and easy, you might want to look for a super automatic espresso machine as it takes the least amount of effort to work with.


    Cold Brew Makers and French Press

    Coffee shops aren’t limited to hot drinks and nowadays, most coffee shops offer a cold brew alternative for those who prefer their caffeine fix cold. In addition, most coffee shops offer drinks that utilize different coffee equipment for their brewing process. Of course, if you want to serve your customers excellent coffee, you should be looking at what you can do to ensure their drink’s taste.

    Among the most popular coffee brewing equipment today are cold brew makers and glass french presses. These two let baristas make bold, flavorful drinks with style, ease, and flair. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate alternative brewing methods into your coffee shop arsenal, then you should consider investing in these coffee makers.

    Additionally, both of these can be used to make cold brew. If you’re serving up cold brew options in your shop, then check out how to make the best cold brew coffee for your customers.

    There are a lot of different kinds of coffee maker that shop owners choose, but whatever you pick, that would depend on both your budget and needs. If you’re still looking for the perfect coffee maker, then check out coffee makers for sale near your area.


    Coffee Grinder

    Good tasting coffee comes from freshly ground coffee beans. If you’re opening up a coffee shop, then you should have an industrial grade coffee grinder on your coffee equipment list. With the right grinder, you can bring out the bean’s aroma and flavor profiles more, making your coffee even better.


    Coffee Accessories

    Aside from the coffee maker, your shop needs multiple coffee accessories to make your shop cute, organized, and functional. Try looking for unique mugs and cups to accentuate your shop’s aesthetic and add in sleek accessories that can double as storage options.

    While you may not be using all the mugs and cups if you don’t let your customers stay for long periods of time, you will still definitely need some storage options in your shop. Look out for coffee accessories such as coffee bean containers and storage as these will help you with your shop inventory and tie up the overall vibe of your shop.


    Set Up Your Coffee Shop!

    Just like any other business, your coffee shop can’t function without the basics. Aside from the coffee beans and menu, your shop’s life will depend on the quality of your coffee shop supplies and equipment. Lessen the stress of managing a shop by making sure that everything with the preparation process in your shop goes smoothly.

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