Aeropress Go Vs. French Press: Which Is the Right Choice for You?News

    Aside from the traditional espresso machines and drip cups that artisan and specialty coffee shops have been using for years, the AeroPress and the French Press have been taking coffee lovers by storm because of the unique texture and flavor that each cup offers. But while the AeroPress and French Press may seem similar – especially since they use the same pressing motion – you might be wondering how they differ from one another. In this article, we’ll delve into the debate of French press vs. AeroPress Go and hopefully, we’ll answer the question of which one is better for you.

    What Is the AeroPress Go?

    Boasting a patented brewing and filtering technology, the AeroPress Go is an easy-to-use and portable espresso coffee maker that is now one of the top choices for coffee shop baristas, home brewers, and lovers of the outdoor. It’s the smaller variant of the original AeroPress Go, offering a body that’s easier to handle at a more affordable price. For coffee shops looking to offer a unique coffee-making experience for their loyal customers, the AeroPress Go may be a great alternative, especially if you’re planning on being as hands-on as possible for every cup of coffee you serve.

    What Is the French Press?

    If you’re a big coffee enthusiast, you’ve probably seen a French press in action at least once in your life. Maybe you even know the French press because it’s your personal choice for your home coffee maker. However, if you’re a newcomer to the world of coffee, the French Press is an artisan coffee maker that has been around for close to a hundred years – first being invented in 1929 in Milan, Italy.

    The French Press, also known as the press pot or cafetiere, is a brewing device that makes use of a metal plunger equipped with a filter to separate brewed coffee from the coffee bean debris. To use this, you will need to submerge your ground coffee beans in hot water for a few minutes, and then slowly press the coffee plunger slowly to effectively filter the grounds.

    AeroPress Go Vs. French Press: How Do They Differ From One Another?

    Now that you’re familiar with both types of coffee makers, it’s now time to differentiate the two in terms of flavor, ease of use, portability, and price. Hopefully, these will help you decide which one is better for your coffee habits: the AeroPress Go or the French Press?


    When it comes to flavor, various coffee makers boast different taste profiles that coffee connoisseurs would probably know. Espresso machines offer concentrated shots perfect for jolts of energy or as a strong base for mixed drinks, while drip brewers offer a simple and clean flavor profile.

    As for the French Press, the unique method allows maximum bean and water contact during the brewing process, which translates to a full-bodied taste and heavy flavor. Because the French Press only makes use of a metal filter, the coffee oils that have been extracted during brewing are not separated from the coffee – offering the irresistibly strong taste and mouthfeel that French Press brews have.

    On the one hand, the AeroPress Go also offers flavorful coffee brews, with some tasting notes highly depending on the brewing time you choose as well as the ground size of your beans. For stronger and full-bodied coffee, you can choose to go for coarser grounds and longer brew times. For brighter and lighter flavors, you can opt for fine grounds and shorter brew times.

    However, the main difference between these two in the flavor department is that the AeroPress Go – because of its use of paper filters – may lack in body and weight. By using paper filters, you effectively catch all the oils and even the microscopic grounds that typically escape from metal filters. So depending on your preference, you can get the AeroPress Go if you’re looking for a brighter, crisper flavor, or you can stay with the French Press and enjoy the weight and richness of full-bodied French Press coffee.


    Both the AeroPress Go and French Press offer maximum portability, thanks to their compact sizes and easy-to-understand parts. But which is better in terms of portability and ease of use?

    If you’re an outdoorsy person who’s planning on bringing along a portable coffee maker, the AeroPress Go should be your top choice because it was specifically designed for travel. Made from durable materials, you won’t have to worry about it breaking or shattering inside your bag. You can get a carrying case or just throw it inside your backpack and just fish it out when you need it.

    The French Press, on the one hand, may be a bit more fragile compared to the AeroPress Go. While borosilicate French Presses are durable up to a point, they may require a more careful approach during transportation and travel. Not to mention that they’re a bit heftier than the AeroPress Go.

    Ease of Use and Versatility

    Both the AeroPress Go and the French Press are manual coffee makers, which means that all you need to do is find the right technique, get the right coffee bean ground size, and find a clean water source. You can brew coffee whenever and wherever you like.

    The main difference though is the versatility of the brews. With French Press coffee, there’s little customization that can be done. Brewing processes mainly involve scooping coffee grounds into the chamber, steeping in hot water, and filtering. If you’re a stickler for coffee flavor, the French Press offers more consistent strong brews. AeroPress Go, on the one hand, offers a wider variety of brewing techniques. AeroPress offers various accessories and different orientations that can help you change up your coffee drink when you feel like it. But in terms of user-friendliness, it’s safe to say that they’re at a stalemate.


    Compared to the French Press, the AeroPress Go fetches a higher price tag, especially since it’s a patented design. The AeroPress company is the only manufacturer that offers this unique brewing technique, which may justify the higher costs. For the French Press, however, there are various producers around the world that offer different sizes, materials, and quality, which means that you can get them at much more affordable prices.

    The Winner: Depends on Your Coffee Preferences and Habits

    Because of the different flavors and taste notes that coffee makers offer, it’s predictable that not everyone is going to agree on which brewing technique is the best. The same goes with the AeroPress Go vs. French Press debate. If you’re planning on switching up you’re brewing technique and you’re currently weighing these two impressive coffee makers, you need to first be familiar with your habits. Weigh the different factors, and then decide which one is the better choice.

    Once you decide, you can head over to and browse our various selections of coffee equipment and machines – all sourced from some of the top coffee manufacturers in the world. We hope to hear from you soon!