5 Reasons Why Brewing Coffee at Home Trumps Buying It from a CafeNews

    Are you a coffee enthusiast who just loves going on coffee runs before starting your day? Well, you’re not the only one and it’s actually a very common practice among Filipino workers. Maybe it’s the ambiance of the coffee shop, the quiet chatter of people while falling in line, or just the irresistible aroma of cafes that keeps people coming back on a daily basis. While the experience of coffee shops is basically unrivalled, did you know that brewing your coffee at home can give you numerous advantages? If you’re not convinced, we’ve listed five reasons why you should consider switching to home-brewed coffee for your daily caffeine dose!

    1. You Can Save a Lot of Money

    One of the top reasons why you should switch to brewing your own coffee is to save money. If you’re a fan of artisan coffee, chances are you’re paying close to PHP200 for a large cup -- which means you spend about PHP1,400 if you’re a daily coffee drinker. More if you drink more than one cup every day! When you start brewing your coffee at home, you can save as much as half of that for a bag of high-quality single-origin coffee beans and get a much more personalized brew that you can customize based on your preferences.


    1. You Can Easily Customize Your Brew

    When you start brewing your own coffee or pulling your own espresso shots, you’ll have complete control over the taste of your coffee. You can easily tweak your coffee-to-water ratio for a stronger brew or a much more concentrated flavor. You’ll also be free to try different coffee beans and roasts so that you can get the best flavor notes - whether you like floral or more citrusy flavors. In addition, when you brew coffee at home you get a more hands-on experience that will not only give you the skills but may even boost how you enjoy your daily cup.

    1. You Can Experiment With Different Coffee-Based Drinks

    When you start brewing your coffee at home, you’ll have complete freedom to experiment with coffee-based drinks. All you need are the right coffee sauces and syrups, and you can whip up some of your favorite coffee drinks in the comfort of your own home by using your personal espresso machine or any coffee maker you like. To add, learning how to make espresso-based drinks and coffee shop specialties is a great skill to have. You can even impress your loved ones by whipping up delicious coffee drinks when they’re around!

    1. You Can Find the Best Brewing Method

    Switching to home-brewed coffee means that you can find the best brewing methods. You won’t need to switch coffee shops or go on multiple coffee shop runs just to find the right brewing method. All you need are a few high-quality coffee equipment, tools, and coffee beans. The good news is that because of the Filipinos’ love for coffee, a lot of local suppliers and shops have started building their in-store offering of the best coffee equipment for home brewers. From V60s to syphon coffee makers, you can now easily find the best coffee makers both online and in physical stores!

    1. You Can Save Your Precious Time

    If you’ve been to any coffee shop in the Metro, you’ve probably experienced the rush hour coffee run. Chances are you’d need to line up for about 10 minutes and wait another 10 to be served your drink. That’s already 20 minutes of your free time down the drain. When you brew at home, you can easily brew a cup of coffee using a home espresso machine or a traditional automatic brewer in about 5 minutes - or even less if you already know your brew like the back of your hand. That gives you more time to do other things other than falling in line and waiting to talk to the barista behind the counter at your local coffee shop.

     Say Goodbye to Long Lines and Expensive Coffee Today!

    If you’re a frequent coffee shop customer, you probably know how coffee shop runs work. You get to the coffee shop, you line up, you order your coffee drink, and wait for the barista to call out your name. At most, you’ll be spending a significant portion of your early morning at the café. But when you brew your coffee at home, you can even catch a few additional minutes of sleep because you know exactly how long you need to take to brew a cup. If you have a traditional drip coffee machine, you can just throw in a few scoops of ground coffee on the filter, fill the machine with water, and go on about your morning ritual – a great and efficient start to the day if you ask me.

    These are just a few advantages of switching to home-brewed coffee off the top of our heads. Do you know any more that you want to share with us? Hit us up at Curated.ph!