Buy Hario V60 Filter Paper

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Brewing coffee with a pour over system is simple. All you really need to do is pour some water over the coffee grounds. With a pour over server, the grounds enter a filtration process that gives you smooth and strong coffee.

Get yourself the best filter paper around that lets you have the best quality coffee. Here at Curated, buy the barista-fave Hario V60 coffee filter paper and get high quality, delicious coffee without the hassle.

₱329.00 ₱415.00


Get a Smooth, Strong Brew

Have you ever made coffee, only to find traces of the grounds when you drink your cup? It’s the occupational hazard of brewing your coffee with a pour over method. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the filtration part of your brewing method works well. With V60 Coffee Filters, you don’t have to worry about coffee ground sediments in your drink.

Get clean coffee with strong flavors and aroma when you use Hario V60 Coffee Filter Paper with your Hario Pour Over Starter Set.

Brew Healthy, High Quality Coffee

Using paper coffee filters in your brewing process lets you maximize the health benefits of coffee. When you use V60 Filter Papers, you get to brew a brighter and sweeter cup of coffee. This brew is generally because of the material used in the filter paper. For the most part, coffee brewed using the paper coffee filters have less of the bad cholesterol because the paper filter sifts through the sediments.

Aside from getting more health benefits, brewing coffee using filter paper gets you coffee that tastes richer, bolder, and sweeter. Try out a bolder brew when you use V60 Coffee Filters.

Buy Hario V60 Filter Paper

Filter papers are necessary if you want to maximize your pour over brewing process. Brew coffee without worrying about the oils and sediments in your drink. Make the best coffee with the right filter paper.

Buy a pack of Hario V60 Coffee Filter Paper and enjoy your daily cup of coffee. Order yours online now!