Brewing Essentials: A Guide to Tea Brewing EquipmentNews

    No matter the state of your health or the time of the year, tea is one of the most soothing beverages. Used by cultures around the world, tea has served as a standalone remedy for illness or an accompaniment to a daily meal. In fact, we have an entire article dedicated to the thriving tea culture in the Philippines. Tea also comes in countless flavorings and iterations to suit the palette of even the pickiest eaters.

    But what tea making equipment do you need to achieve the best brew?

    Tea equipment and accessories for tea are often neglected in the kitchenware category, even by restaurants and coffee shops. But they really shouldn't be. While heating up water in a microwavable mug is easy and convenient, the right tea products can improve the finished results and make the entire tea making procedure even more relaxing.

    At Curated, we don't just offer tea accessories for sale, we help you make the perfect cup of tea too. Here's a list of tea shop equipment that will also serve you well in your home kitchen.

    The Ultimate Tea Making/Brewing Equipment List

    If you plan on becoming a religious tea drinker, or even just a rising tea enthusiast, we're here to tell you that you can ditch the tea bags. Tea bags contain tiny pieces of leaves, otherwise known as "fanning," which ensure that the tea brews more quickly. However, they also result in a harsher flavor compared to the subtle yet complex flavors and notes made from loose leaf tea.

    But of course, if you want to maximize the taste of loose leaf tea, you will need tea brewing equipment.

    Here's a list of all the essential tea equipment you need:


    Electric Kettle

    Electric kettles are one of the best tea products money can buy. If you're new to the world of tea, there are two basic steps to brewing the perfect cup. First, you need high-quality loose leaf tea. Second, you'll need to use the optimal water temperature to develop the best flavors.

    The second step is usually where people mess up and create bitter brews that don't taste good. Thankfully, you have tea making equipment like electric kettles to the rescue. They take the guesswork out of proper water temperature for brewing tea. Many electric kettles come with temperature settings tailored to your desired tea type. You can simply choose a temperature and then let the kettle do the rest for you. You can walk away and do other things without worrying about the water boiling over. When the kettle is done heating your water, you can start steeping your tea to perfection.

    You can check out this article if you're interested in learning more on how to brew the perfect cup of tea.


    Glass Pot with Tea Infuser

    Glass pots with built-in tea infusers add a touch of elegance to the art of loose leaf tea brewing. They allow you to watch the flowers and leaves unfurl as they infuse aroma and flavor in hot water. This type of tea shop equipment is particularly popular for brewing flowering teas, which feature delicate floral bundles that grow and unfurl as the tea steeps.

    A glass pot with a tea infuser also allows you to become an expert at the visual elements of tea. For instance, it's one of the amazing tea products that help you become in tune to which types of green tea brew into pale yellow blends and which ones into darker emerald hues.


    Tea Set

    If you're looking to fill all your tea making needs in one go, a beautiful tea set is for you. A tea set typically includes the following:

    • A serving tray - helps in carrying and holding the entire set together. It could be just a simple tray with finger sliding gaps on each side.
    • A tea kettle - the best kettle can hold at least five full cups of tea without any spillage
    • Tea cups and saucers - a tea set will contain four or five tea cups with an equivalent number of saucers
    • Spoons or stirrers - equivalent number of spoons and stirrers as the cups and saucers

    A tea set doesn't only serve the purpose of drinking, but it also enhances the entire experience of drinking tea. By adding an exquisite tea set to your tea shop equipment, you increase the aesthetic value of the whole setting.

    Many tea sets, especially those made of ceramics and porcelain, also offer wholesome health properties. Drinking tea from them can offer additional benefits to your health.


    Tea Containers

    When it comes to brewing equipment for tea, proper storage is an afterthought for many casual drinkers. However, it's important to keep tea stored properly to prolong freshness and get the most bang for your buck with each cup.

    Tea tins are handy tea storage containers that protect your leaves and flowers from degradation caused by moisture and sunlight. This means your tea will be fresher for a longer time. Keep in mind that while loose leaf tea doesn't expire, they can lose their flavor after three or four months if they're not preserved in proper containers. So, keep your tea in storage containers so they stay fresh for longer and you can enjoy better flavor.


    Tea Strainers

    Strainers are useful tea making equipment as they allow you to brew tea in a vessel of your own choosing. You can then strain out the leaves while pouring the tea into your cup.

    Most strainers feature fine mesh to capture the bulk of the tea leaves. Some strainers can also be used as infusers. This means they can sit inside the cup or pot as the tea brews.


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    Happy brewing!