Spruce Up Your Rainy-Day Brewing Techniques with Curated PHNews

    A far cry from the heat and humidity of the country, rainy days offer us the perfect excuse to find something warm or even brew hot beverages to keep ourselves comfortable during the long stretches of cold weather. For coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts, however, the rainy season also ushers in the ideal time to learn new coffee brewing methods and experiment with a few hot coffee recipes that are great for cold, rainy days. However, new brewing methods also require new brewing equipment including but not limited to new coffee makers, grinders, and coffee accessories. In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas on how you can elevate your coffee brewing experience during this rainy season by using the latest additions to the coffee trade.

    1. Achieve the Perfect Full-Bodied Caffeine Experience with the French Press

    Considered one of the oldest coffee brewing methods in the world, the French Press has seen consistent popularity in the coffee trade – and it’s not only because of loyalty. The French Press coffee maker brews coffee batches that offer a full-bodied flavor that includes all the notes, texture, and weight that various coffee beans have to offer. This is all due to the immersion coffee brewing technique that French Presses use to brew coffee, submerging ground coffee beans and offering prolonged water-coffee bean contact. Unlike other coffee makers, the metal filter that this unique coffee maker uses ensures that all the coffee oils and micro-grounds are included in every full-bodied coffee cup.

    Today, there are multiple types of French Presses available in the market, including the stainless steel, stoneware, and borosilicate French Press – with each type offering a different brewing experience and flavor for the perfect coffee for rainy days.

    1. Discover New Coffee Shop Drinks with an Espresso Coffee Maker

    If you’re not a fan of getting drenched in the rain after a short run to your favorite coffee shop, it might be high time that you invest on one of the foundational coffee equipment there are: the espresso machine coffee maker. For coffee enthusiasts and the occasional coffee shop guest, it’s difficult to find a specialty café that doesn’t have an espresso machine in its coffee brewing arsenal. Mostly because espresso shots are vital in some of the most popular coffee mixes out there – including the cappuccino, café mocha, macchiato, and the Americano.

    But aside from being able to mix some of the most popular coffee drinks today, having an espresso machine at your disposal also helps you master the art of pulling the perfect espresso shots for the perfect rainy day coffee recipe – from pulling a single shot to pulling a Lungo or a Doppio.

    1. Get Smoother Iced Coffee With Cold Brew

    Not a fan of hot coffee even on rainy days? No worries because there are numerous cold coffee brewing methods that you can experiment with during this rainy season. While cold brew is essentially cold coffee, it’s not brewed the same way. Instead of using hot water to extract the coffee from the beans, cold brewers use either a cold drip brewing method or an immersion technique. The majority of cold brew coffee lovers make use of immersion techniques by using specialized cold brew coffee pot makers. These coffee makers work by submerging coffee beans in cold water and leaving it overnight to extract all the coffee flavors. This gives a smooth, sweet, and slightly acidic taste without the bitterness of traditional coffee brews.

    As for ice drip brewing, this coffee brewing method involves letting melting ice slowly drip onto your ground coffee beans. The slow process can take up to 24 hours to be completed, so not a lot of people prefer this brewing technique. It also requires a very hands-on experience, with brewers needing to constantly monitor the brewing process – which makes it the perfect coffee brewing method for slow rainy days.

    1. Learn the Best Grind Sizes for Your Favorite Coffee Brewing Methods

    Aside from the different variants of coffee beans and coffee brewing methods, there’s another factor that coffee lovers need to master to get the best coffee flavors, and that’s the coffee bean grind sizes. Each coffee brewing method requires different coffee grounds so that you can get the maximum flavor without over-extracting or under-extracting your coffee beans. This rainy season, spend your downtime experimenting with the different coffee grind sizes with your personal manual or automatic coffee bean grinder. Personalize your coffee brew, find the right strength and flavor, and start enjoying your own coffee recipes during rainy days.

    1. Brew Fast and Easy With the AeroPress Coffee Maker

    Fast coffee brewing methods don’t necessarily mean that you’re settling for subpar flavor and coffee strength. Due to the consistent innovations brought by the top coffee manufacturers around the world, coffee lovers get to enjoy great-tasting coffee in a fraction of the time that some coffee brewing methods require.

    One example of this is the AeroPress, a groundbreaking coffee maker that offers an effortless and fast brewing technique. What’s great about the AeroPress coffee maker, aside from the speedy brewing process, is that it offers strong flavors that are reminiscent of espresso coffee. So, if you’re looking for a new brewing method this rainy season, consider getting an AeroPress coffee maker from Curated and start brewing great-tasting cups of coffee even while you’re on the go.

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