Rainy Season Life Hacks: Coffee Shop and Café Trends in the Philippines in 2022News

    In 2011, the Philippines consumed around 2.2 million coffee bags; by 2020, it had grown to a whopping number of 3.3 million. With these numbers, statisticians have predicted that the upward trend in consuming coffee will stretch to 7.4 million 60-kilogram bags by 2025. Can you imagine drinking that many coffee cups?

    The everlasting popularity of brews has seen a significant increase in coffee shop trends, further backing the idea that visiting cafés is now more than just drinking coffee. The café business has been increasingly competitive in recent years, leading to widespread adoption of industry best practices. In this article, we will walk you through this year’s best coffee shop trends in the Philippines.

    Eyeing the Younger Generation

    There are no age restrictions for coffee (except for kids. Remember, milk’s the one for you). But recently, the younger generations are dominating the majority of coffee lovers in the country. According to news reports, millennials are willing to spend hundreds of pesos just for a brew. Their willingness to buy coffee worth hundreds indicates that drinking coffee is becoming a way of life.

    Because coffee shops are mostly packed with younger people, other cafés are doing everything they can to target this population. It seems that besides drinking their favorite blends, young people visit coffee shops for the experience. So, what are these café trends affecting the coffee experience of the younger generation?

    Unique Concoctions

    One can attest that ordering a coffee blend can be because its name looked fancy. And sometimes, even the fanciest combinations have a taste that totally doesn’t match their appearance.

    Coffee blends nowadays are getting more and more unique, piquing the interest of many consumers. One-of-a-kind brews like moringa coffee, edible flower-infused coffee, and other latte blends bring a kick to the rising trend in the industry of coffee shops. 

    You can also delve into artisan coffee and other specialty drinks for a new take on sipping brews. Check out this list of unusual coffee flavors to explore unique coffee concoctions.

    Local Blends

    One of the best market trends for coffee shops is having locally-sourced coffee blends. Although most of the popular coffee shops here in the country are franchises of international branches like Starbucks, local brands are becoming the talk of the town these days.

    Locally-sourced brews like drip coffee brands from the Cordilleras will make you feel as if you’re enjoying your coffee in the cold atmosphere of the mountainous region. Imagine sipping a cup of Sagada Dark Roast coffee at home. This coffee's aroma is so different and long-lasting that your entire house would smell like a coffee shop. For sure, this will be a wonderful experience just from making coffee.

    Investing in this trend will boost your coffee shops and promote local coffee farmers' work in the country.

    Aesthetic Design

    One of the things that would make younger generations visit a coffee shop is its interior design. 

    Cafés with aesthetic designs add to the experience of young coffee drinkers. These coffee shops that are pleasing to the eyes make good places for photography. The younger generation, namely the millennials and Generation Z, are fond of taking pictures to capture every moment in their lives. 

    So, suppose you’re planning to establish a coffee shop. In that case, we suggest considering this trend because even in 2022, nothing’s better than smelling the aroma of freshly brewed coffee while staying inside an “Instagram-able” café. For better visuals, have a look at these aesthetic cafés.

    Brewing Equipment

    Nothing’s more aesthetic than seeing modern and stylish equipment when you visit coffee shops. Another eye-catching café trend is brewing equipment.

    Catching a glimpse of a barista brewing coffee from a well-suited espresso machine for coffee shops will make you feel like you’re part of the brewing experience.

    Investing in coffee equipment for every brewing method will make your coffee menu dynamic. Brewing methods like French press, drip, espresso, and others may need specific equipment before they can be perfected. So, if you want your coffee shop to trend, try sourcing affordable brewing equipment and start practicing the other coffee brewing techniques.

    Coffee To-Go

    Drinking coffee doesn’t stop even with the ongoing pandemic and the rainy season approaching. Coffee drinkers love it even more when they can order their favorite blends from the comfort of their homes. 

    Coffee businesses must invest in this trend because delivery services, as well as consumers at home, are gradually increasing. How can coffee shops adapt and prepare for this trend?

    Cafés can invest in supplies that will keep the coffee flawless during delivery, including sealing equipment and non-spill delivery cups. Coffee shops that make this investment will give consumers the impression that they are sitting in their favorite coffee shops even when they’re at home.

    Finding the Right Café Trends

    These 2022 coffee trends are just the beginning of the many trends that will dominate until the end of the year. As forecasted by statisticians, the number of coffee drinkers will increase through the years, so it can also be predicted that more coffee shops will soon rise.

    If you are one of those eyeing to open one in the country, consider these best practices and ensure that your shop will still be the fuss even when the rainy season comes.