Manual Brewing Coffee at Home: 4 Ways to Get Awesome Coffee Every TimeNews

    Making an excellent cup of coffee at home is less difficult than it seems. Many methods are available to achieve a delicious, handcrafted cup at home. Here are 4 methods for you to try at home.

    French Press

    The French press is a stunningly easy way to make coffee. It uses a simple immersion brewing technique. Grind your beans coarsely, then boil the water to a temperature of 95-105°C , and let steep for about 4 minutes in the glass chamber. A ratio of about 1:12 (1 gram of coffee to 12 ml of water) is sensible. Then press down the plunger just until it touches the coffee, using the metal filter like a strainer, and pour your brew into a cup.

    You’ll like it if: You’re into a fuller, denser mouthfeel that you can enrich with milk. Master it and you’ll get all the flavors to blossom in your mouth.

    Hario V60

    The Hario V60 brewing method is a celebrated drip method. This is just as easy, if not easier, than using a French Press. Mount the Hario V60 brewing cup over a decanter or a cup, add your V60 paper filter, then wet the filter with hot water.

    Prepare your beans on a medium grind level, then add the beans to the filtered cup and pour your hot water heated to 95-105°C over your coffee grounds. A ratio of 1:14 is a good start; let the brew drip down for 2.5 minutes.

    Try mastering the Third Wave method by pouring only a little bit of water first and letting the grounds bloom for 30 seconds; then extract the maximum amount of flavor by pouring the water in two more intervals, 1 minute apart

    You’ll like it if: You want a clean-tasting brew that tastes like a tea, as the filter captures the natural oils released from the beans.

    The AeroPress Method

    The AeroPress device is probably the niftiest-looking amongst today’s coffee brewing gadgets. As a recent invention of the last 15 years, the AeroPress uses an immersion brewing method, a special filter, and the application of pressure to extract flavor from your coffee.

    There are two methods of using the AeroPress: the Upright method and the Inverted Method.

    With the standard Upright method, you insert the filter in the chamber and wet it with hot water. Then add the ground coffee, ground at a medium level, pour the water in two quick intervals, and stir a few times. Insert the plunger (the narrower tube) to create a vacuum, which will stop the water from dripping. Keep it like this for 1 minute, then press down to get your coffee.

    Using the Inverted method, you have to turn the AeroPress upside down. Wet the filter and set aside, then add the grounds and filter into the inverted chamber; stir or agitate. Then screw on the filter cap, flip the AeroPress onto a cup, and press down on the plunger.

    Try making your coffee AeroPress-style with a beans to water ratio of 1:15 and a water temperature of 100°C.

    You’ll like it if: You want the quickest, easiest way to make a superb cup. It also makes the best traveling kit. Increase or decrease the amount of water to get lighter or more-full bodied tasting coffee.

    The Cold Brew Method

    The Cold Brew method is unique in that it doesn’t apply any heat to extract flavor from your coffee beans. This method is popular for two main reasons: it’s an elegant, refreshing way to drink your coffee cold, and the slow extraction process will allow you to appreciate your coffee’s various flavor notes. If you’re looking to discover whether your coffee is more floral than fruity, more nutty or more chocolatey, this is the way to find out!

    To make a cold brew, all you need is a cold brew bottle with a filter and plenty of time. Pour your grounds and room temperature water into the bottle, then leave to brew in a cool place for 12-15 hours. If you have a French press, use it for the cold brew. A beans to water ratio of 1:8 is a great start.

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