Here’s How to Froth Coffee Easily Even Without a Coffee Frother!News

    Craving for that airy and frothy taste that you typically get from coffee shop coffee drinks? The secret to that foamy layer on top of cappuccinos and lattes is a trusty coffee-making gadget that most coffee shops have: the milk frother. However, home baristas are often faced with one common dilemma: how can I get frothy coffee without a milk frother at home? If you’re at home and a coffee frother just isn’t accessible to you at the moment, there are numerous manual ways that you can froth and foam your coffee at home using common household items, plus a few kitchen appliances to assist you in getting that airy layer. To help you, we’ve listed a few easy ways on how you can froth milk without a milk frother.

    How to Easily Froth Milk at Home:

    Use a Sealed Jar

    The easiest way to froth milk without a milk frother is by using a sealed jar. Pour your drink into a glass container and seal it with its designated cap. Make sure that the cap is secured to avoid spills and splatters. Shake the jar vigorously with an up and down motion for about a minute or just until you see foam form. Pour your drink and enjoy the coffee foam layer. 

    Use a Hand Whisk

    One tool that many kitchens typically have is a hand whisk, whether they’re used for making fluffy omelets or for making whip cream. Another use for the hand whisk though is to make coffee foam or milk froth even without a milk frother at hand. To use a hand whisk to make milk foam or frothy coffee, simply put your coffee or milk in a large bowl. As much as possible don’t fill the bowl more than halfway to avoid milk from splashing out. With a fast hand motion, whisk the milk in a circular motion until you get milk froth or foam. Pour the milk into your coffee, and you can enjoy your frothy coffee drink.

    Use an Electric Mixer

    Have an electric mixer lying around your kitchen for your baking needs? You can also use that as a milk frother at home for airy and foamy cappuccinos and lattes. To use an electric mixer, heat your milk on your stovetop until it’s warm enough for your coffee. Pour the milk into your electric mixer bowl and set the mixer at low or medium speed. Mix it until the milk has doubled its size or just until you get the right consistency for your milk.

    Use a French Press

    For home baristas who like experimenting with different types of brewing techniques, chances are you already have a french press at home. The good news is that you can also use the french press to easily froth your milk at home, thanks to the pumping mechanism it has. Similar to the pump frother, a french press will also give you an airy layer easily. All you need to do is pour the right amount of milk into your french press, and then pump it up and down vigorously while holding down the french press lid. Let the milk sit for about a minute, and then pour it into your coffee for a foamy and comforting coffee-based drink.

    Use an Immersion Blender

    While immersion blenders are often used in preparing soups, sauces, and other liquid recipes, you can also use them to foam milk at home for your favorite coffee drinks. Use an immersion blender as a coffee frother by putting just enough milk into a deep pot and set your blender on low. Blend your milk just until you get the distinct foamy texture you like. 

    Should You Invest in a Coffee and Milk Frother?

    If you ask seasoned baristas and home brewers who are accustomed to using milk frothers or steam wands, they’ll probably tell you that the consistency and texture of the foam are a bit different with a milk frother than when you use the more manual techniques we’ve mentioned above. But is it enough reason for you to invest in a milk frother or a coffee machine with a milk frother? This highly depends on your preferences really. If you want your coffee to taste and have the same mouthfeel as the coffee-based drinks you love to drink from coffee shops, it may be a great idea for you to buy the right equipment. 

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