Not Sure if Drip Coffee or Pour Over Coffee is for You? Make the Best Choice.News

    There is nothing like the smell of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning. Whether you are working a 9 to 5 needing some fuel for the day’s tasks or you’re a busy student looking for a drink that can help you stay sharp and alert throughout your online classes, nothing beats a good cup of freshly brewed joe taken just the way you like it. The difference of brewed coffee versus instant coffee is simply too big, and once you go the route of having a freshly brewed cup every day, it is hard to go back on the switch.

    If you have been experimenting with coffee at home and channeling your inner barista this pandemic, chances are you have also delved into the world of learning how to make drip coffee and tried your hand at concocting your coffee shop favorites from the comfort of your own home. There are a number of brewing methods and devices out on the market, but the experienced coffee connoisseur knows that not every brewed cup is made equal.

    Recently, a new coffeemaking method has been gaining popularity among the home barista movement. Some remote employees have been favoring the method of pour over coffee versus drip coffee supposedly due to its deeper flavor. However, each coffee drinker has their own unique preferences that may affect their experience of the brewing method used.

    If you are picking between drip coffee versus pour over coffee, read on and find the right coffee brewing method for you based on these two methods’ unique pros and cons.



    Depending on your lifestyle, both pour over coffee and drip coffee do present their unique points for convenience. For the digital nomad who enjoys the thought of working from anywhere they please like a beachfront hostel, a far-flung country, or maybe even just the flexibility of shifting around their workspace at home, pour over coffee lets you make a batch from the comfort of whatever desk space or countertop you are currently using to work on, and top up your mug as you see fit.

    On the other hand, the drip coffee presents a very different point for convenience, which is enabling you to quickly get up from your work station to enjoy a fresh, piping hot cup in minutes—all at the click of a button. Sure, this may mean you need to break the momentum of your work, but you can also see this as an opportunity to stretch your legs and rest your eyes while getting yourself a hot cup of joe.

    Verdict: Either

    When it comes to the factor of convenience of drip coffee versus pour over coffee, it really boils down to your priorities. If you prioritize having your coffee within reach wherever you may be, a pour over coffee method may be the one for your caffeine break. It might not always be piping hot and fresh, but this is a non-issue if you are the kind of coffee drinker who finishes your pour over pot in one sitting or simply likes their coffee in a number of different ways. Pour over coffee devices are also far more convenient in terms of portability, requiring no electricity. This makes it the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts that are traveling or camping! However, this does have the trade-off of having more steps in the preparation of your brew.

    If you prioritize having a hot cup of coffee in a flash with a quick trip to the kitchen or pantry, then a drip coffee machine may be for you. A drip machine also means you do not have to finish all your coffee in one sitting to enjoy it at the optimal temperature. Portion your caffeine intake throughout the day for better control and relax with a hot cup of coffee during your breaks instead!



    In terms of the kind of coffee that a pour over coffee versus a coffee drip method can produce, it is important to delve into your preferences as a coffee drinker. Do you see yourself as someone who swears by a steaming hot americano as needed? Then creating the perfect pot of drip coffee is a great option that you will surely enjoy. Though to craft that PERFECT cup consistently, there are still a number of factors that you can consider such as the ratio of drip coffee, as well as the drip coffee grind size.

    On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who likes a bit of variety when it comes to their caffeine fixes, then maybe consider a pour over instead. A dual-purpose pour over model like this Hario Cold Brew Pot with 600 mL capacity is a great option for both hot pour over coffees in the morning, or a refreshing glass of iced cold brew in the evening. Pour over coffee devices do allow for a bit more creativity, since you can play around with different types of beans and styles. Go for the light texture of a pour over with the depth of flavor of a classic espresso by using ground coffee beans, or learn how to make cold brew coffee with your pour over for a cool treat on a hot work day.

    Verdict: Pour Over Coffee, Hands Down.

    The main selling point of pour over coffee among both professional and home baristas alike is your total control over your brew. From the type of grind, to the ratio, and even the water temperature you use, your pour over set-up really lets you have an unmatched amount of customization for making several types of coffee beverages. On the other hand, a drip coffee has its own water reservoir which automatically heats up the water as its forced through the filter filled with coffee grounds. This means your coffee will always be hot by default. You can of course save your drip coffee brew for an iced coffee the next day, but you lose out in terms of depth of flavor and freshness.



    The simplicity of the coffee-making process is a massive factor for why many people choose drip coffee versus pour over coffee. This is because the machine usually does most of the work for you—heating the water into the appropriate temperature and filtering it through the beans for a consistent pot of smooth coffee that always stays hot. This convenience usually comes with a hefty price tag because of the internal machinery involved. Any repairs would also come up to a steep figure, and you would have to say bye-bye to your precious coffee machine, at least for a little while.

    On the other hand, the parts of a pour over setup are fairly straight forward and allow for more customization because of its simplistic approach. All the parts necessary to the coffee brewing process are within sight, and as long as you have access to boiling water, then you have a durable and portable coffee-brewing option for the fraction of a cost that a drip machine will require. Pour over coffee will also lend you more bang for buck. Versus drip coffee, pour over coffee usually has more caffeine due to the customizability of the temperature and beans.

    Verdict: Pour Over, in terms of raw cost.

    In terms of raw cost alone, the pour over is an unquestionable winner. With virtually zero need for repairs and a much simpler apparatus, the pour over has the drip coffee machine beat. However, what you save in terms of money, you do sacrifice time and convenience. The coffee drip is still a great choice, but its convenient systems and intricate parts do come at a cost that may burn a hole in the pocket.


    So, between a pour over coffee versus a drip coffee setup, which do I choose?

    It’s up to you, really! Take a look at the verdicts above to get an idea for yourself, but the TLDR version of it is: if you want a speedy, consistent cup of joe at the ready, pick the drip coffee machine. If you relish the artisanal process of brewing coffee and don’t mind taking your time for your brew, pick the pour over. After all, everyone’s perfect cup of coffee is unique. What makes your perfect cup of coffee will not be everyone else’s cup of tea!