The Battle of Two Coffee Makers: AeroPress Original vs AeroPress GoNews

    When it comes to portable coffee makers, Aeropress is an undoubted leader in the coffee industry. This brand is known for its versatility, quality, and unparalleled ability to create delicious coffee. As more coffee lovers discover the brand, the decision of choosing between the Aeropress Standard vs Aeropress Go becomes a bigger challenge.

    An AeroPress Coffee Maker is an incredible equipment that gives you high quality drinks on-the-go. This is equally true for both the AeroPress Go and the original release. But how do these two variations measure up to your needs and preferences?

    Learn more about the pros and cons of Aeropress vs Aeropress Go and which coffee maker you should get in this article.

    Aeropress Standard VS Aeropress Go: The Battle of Portability

    The terms compact and portable are the perfect terms for these two Aeropress products. A truly innovative design, both coffee makers are great options for active coffee lovers. From busy cities to secluded camping trips, the Aeropress Original and Aeropress Go are definitely your new best friends.

    Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about getting one over the other:

    The Original AeroPress

    We can’t start this comparison without talking about the standard: the Original AeroPress. The original release features a high-quality, durable, BPA-free plastic that allows coffee lovers to store it while they move around. This AeroPress is also easy to clean, making it the perfect travel buddy.

    Invented in 2005, this coffee maker can brew many of your favorite drinks such as espresso, iced coffee, and even cold brew!

    The Original AeroPress coffee maker offers the following features:

    • ● 10 oz (283 mL) brewing capacity
    • ● stirring paddle
    • ● scoop to measure coffee grounds
    • ● funnel
    • ● easy-to-clean design

    Despite being released over a decade ago, the original design remains a classic in the coffee industry. Aside from its portable design, the original AeroPress shines because of its flavorful coffee and impressive brewing versatility. Today, it isn’t just seen inside hiking bags, but in coffee shops and pantries worldwide.

    AeroPress Go: An Equally Amazing Younger Brother

    In the other corner is the brand’s newer release, the AeroPress Go. Fondly called as the original’s younger sibling, AeroPress Go is a smaller, more portable coffee maker that retains much of the AeroPress Standard’s functionality. It’s definitely one of the more innovative equipment in the coffee industry.

    Released in 2019, the AeroPress Go uses a lot of the original’s features while improving them. Much like the original AeroPress, the Go can brew the same variety of drinks. These features–and more–culminate in the smaller AeroPress Go.

    The AeroPress Go has the following features:

    • ● 8 oz (226 mL) brewing capacity
    • ● travel mug
    • ● newly-designed coffee scoop
    • ● modified stirring paddle
    • ● filter holder
    • ● lid

    By virtue of its smaller size, the AeroPress Go is also lighter. Compared to the original variation, this model only weighs 11.4 oz (323 g). This makes the Go a more convenient option if you’re looking for something a little lighter.

    Should I get the original AeroPress or AeroPress Go?

    If you’re really going to compare AeroPress vs AeroPress Go point by point, then you’ll find that the two coffee machines hold a lot of similarities. Whether we’re talking about brewing capabilities to price points, both AeroPress and AeroPress Go have a certain level of convenience and functionality to them.

    If you’re looking for further points of comparison, then take note of these main consideration:


    Both the AeroPress and AeroPress Go are made from sturdy and non-toxic materials, so there’s generally no huge difference between the two versions in terms of materials. However, design-wise, the AeroPress Go has a notable addition of a traveling mug. This is why in terms of AeroPress vs AeroPress Go in traveling and backpacking, the latter is preferable.


    Both coffee machines are portable and offer the same brewing capabilities.

    The following brewing methods are something you can do with either of the two equipment:

    • ● espresso
    • ● drip coffee
    • ● French press brew

    An important thing to note when considering between the two is also brewing capacity. Notably, the AeroPress Go is smaller and has a smaller brewing capacity. This is offset by its size and the convenience it affords for hikers, busy city dwellers, and coffee lovers who are constantly on-the-go.


    For a lot of coffee lovers, price is usually the main determining factor. After all, you may want a coffee machine–but if it’s beyond your budget, then you’ll have to wait a few days (or months) for it. Luckily, AeroPress Standard and AeroPress Go fall roughly in the same price range.

    Curated offers both coffee equipment at P2,199.00. Alongside other AeroPress products and coffee essentials, you’ll be able to buy everything you need for outdoor coffee hikes and adventures.

    Preference and Needs

    At the end of the day, the most appropriate coffee equipment between the two is the one that suits you. Before you finally answer, think of what you’ll be using it for and what you need. While both coffee machines provide functionality, pick one that satisfies your specifics even better.

    AeroPress On-The-Go!

    To be perfectly honest, we won’t be able to answer the AeroPress Standard vs AeroPress Go with finality. Whether you’re an active coffee drinker that needs a constant source of caffeine or a city dweller that’s tired of lining up for a good cup, the AeroPress products are a great choice for you.

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