Coffee Maker Features and Benefits For a Home BaristaNews

    For many coffee drinkers, one of the largest hurdles we have had to face since the pandemic hit was giving up our daily coffee habit. There is something so healing, so relaxing, about stepping out for the perfect cup of sunshine, made just the way we like it at our favorite coffee joint. But with quarantine protocols and our own personal precautions against possible health risks, getting our favorite cup of coffee is a task that has now become easier said than done. Because of this, many Filipinos have since joined the growing home barista movement—one that encourages manual brewing coffee at home.

    The uses of the coffee maker have since evolved, going beyond the simple task of brewing a cup of black coffee because of the many types of coffee makers available on the market. With a growing base of enthusiasts and a wealth of coffee maker-friendly online recipes, here are five coffee maker benefits that are sure you to convince you to take the plunge (if you haven’t already)!


    Food Safety

    One of the most pressing concerns about heading out to get your coffee these days is the risk of exposure that you take each time to go out for a coffee run. While getting your perfect fix of caffeine is a must for many of us, there are simply too many risks that your short trip outside pose on you and your family. Are proper protocols being observed in terms of PPE? Is there social distancing in the café? Do your baristas wear gloves when handling your food? One of the most valuable benefits of making coffee at home these days is the peace of mind you get knowing that your cup is made in sanitary and safe conditions as to your liking. Enjoy your cup without risking your health or exposure.



    Gone are the days where the uses of your coffee maker are limited to the standard boring black brew! These days, there are many types of coffee maker machines available in the Philippines for reasonable prices. Because of the variety that is now available on the market, home baristas are able to create their beloved café favorites such as lattes and macchiatos without burning a hole into their pocket by buying expensive machinery. Do you love the bold flavor of espresso shots but don’t have the counter space or funds for an espresso machine? Opt for either an Aeropress or a Moka Pot and mimic the same smooth taste of your espresso shots by investing in good quality beans! Add in some of your flavored syrups and steam some milk to recreate some of your favorite flavored lattes, and chill some for later to recreate refreshing iced coffees. Prefer to slowly enjoy your coffee as you work by keeping it handy on your desk? Opt for a drip coffee apparatus or a French press that lets you enjoy your brew and top up your trusty mug as needed. With the many coffee maker features and benefits available, you can fully customize your drink and create the cup you want, when you want it.



    We all know how much ordering coffee from our favorite café can cost us. For relatively affordable ingredients like milk, water, and our sweetener of choice, the most expensive ingredient we have to worry about is usually good quality coffee beans. What we really pay for when we hit up our favorite coffee shops is the labor that our baristas put into producing our favorite cup of coffee, as well as the fancy equipment they need in order to do so. But what’s stopping us from doing the same at home? One of the most rewarding benefits of buying a coffee maker is the savings we can nab by brewing our own cup. By investing in quality ingredients and equipment, we can maximize our savings in the long run. Explore the uses of your coffee maker and create copycat versions of your favorite caffeine fix, for but a fraction of the cost.



    How many times have you found yourself getting up from your home office or desk once that need for caffeine kicks in? If you are an avid coffee drinker, you know better than to ignore the feeling, as it only gets worse! But getting up from your workspace to go for a coffee run is not just time-consuming—it is also distracting. The longer we spend away from our stations, the more likely it is for our task momentum to crash. A valuable coffee maker benefit is that having the right equipment around allows you to protect your productivity streak from being broken by keeping a quality coffee fix at arm’s reach. Whip yourself up a comforting brew that does not skimp on quality and keeps you from sacrificing precious minutes from your shift OR break!

    Health Tip: Brewed coffee is a healthier and more delicious alternative to whipping up a mug of instant coffee. Make use of your coffee maker and compare the taste of brewed coffee versus instant coffee yourself!



    A cup of coffee can take on a whole new meaning depending on when you choose to enjoy it. This pandemic has opened our eyes to just how valuable the time we spend with our loved ones truly is. A benefit of making coffee at home is that you turn this simple drink into an opportunity to bond with the people most precious to you. Whether you whip up a fresh batch of joe to greet the morning with your family, or you make a pot of coffee to get them through a hectic weeknight’s workload, having the opportunity to prepare a quality brew yourself is a chance we should not take lightly. Turn the simple act of drinking coffee into a precious memory—a heightened experience by making the perfect cup for your loved ones when they need it most.

    These benefits of making coffee at home are all worth considering when deciding on a possible investment. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Just remember that the uses of a coffee maker are endless when it comes to whipping up your café favorites. If you are sold on the idea of getting your own coffee maker to use at home, equip yourself with the best equipment and ingredients for the job and enjoy your new journey as a home barista!