Take A (Cold) Sip: The Benefits Of Drinking Cold Brew CoffeeNews

    Cold brew coffee has been slowly gaining popularity over the last few years. Its smoother, richer, and sweeter taste makes it a crowd favorite among coffee lovers looking for the perfect summer drink. But aside from being the perfect beverage for summer, there are a ton of other benefits of drinking cold brew coffee.

    It’s important to remember that when you’re drinking cold brew, you’re not drinking traditionally made hot coffee. It isn’t iced coffee either, which is simply brewed hot coffee poured over ice. If you’re wondering how to make cold brew coffee, then we’ve got a quick answer for you:

    Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold to room temperature water for 12 to 24 hours. Cold brew is usually put in a container like the Hario Cold Brew 600mL which is kept in a refrigerator. With this process, the caffeine, flavor, and natural sugars from the coffee is extracted very slowly because of the lack of heat. The result is a less acidic but equally satisfying brew that coffee lovers have come to crave.

    Taste aside, most coffee drinkers want to know if there are more cold brew coffee benefits. Read more to find out about the health benefits of drinking cold brew and why you should try out this delicious drink, even if it’s not summer.


    The Pros and Cons of Cold Brew Coffee

    With cold brew coffee taking the world by storm, the drink has attracted many seasoned coffee drinkers and curious beginners alike. The wonder of cold brew lies in its flavor: rich, sweet, and smooth. It’s a perfect drink for those looking for something light and refreshing. Much like other brewing methods, making cold brew coffee has some pros and cons.

    If you’re someone who is thinking about making the switch to cold brew or trying out the cold brew method, then here are some things to consider:


    The Downside

    For those thinking about trying out the cold brew method, here are some the of cons that you might encounter when making your first brew:

    • Long Brew Time

    Cold brew takes a lot of time to make perfectly. Unlike the other brewing methods, cold brew takes a minimum of twelve hours to make. Without the heat from the other usual brewing methods, making cold brew takes a long time because the process of extracting the flavors becomes slower. Rushing the brewing process will result in flavorless and bland coffee.

    If you’re looking for a quick and instantaneous coffee brewing method, then this process may not be for you. Cold brew takes time, however, whipping up a large batch can solve your constant caffeine cravings.

    • Wrong Equipment

    Making cold brew can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. The wrong equipment makes brewing your favorite drink more difficult. It can also make the overall brewing process more tedious and troublesome.

    Invest in the right equipment, like the Hario Cold Brew, which allows easy filtration. Another good thing about cold brewing equipment is that it allows you to create large batches of coffee that you can store for later consumption.


    The Upside

    Cold brew grew in popularity because of its sweet and refreshing taste, perfect for seasoned coffee lovers and casual caffeine drinkers alike. Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix or a refined flavor for your summer drink, then your best bet is a cold brew.

    Here are some of the upsides and benefits of making cold brew coffee:

    • Long Shelf Life

    One of the best things about cold brew is that it doesn’t spoil quickly. With the right equipment, you can make a 1000 mL batch that can last you for quite some time and will definitely satiate your caffeine cravings. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about letting the coffee spoil, as you can simply store it in the fridge.

    • Less Acidic

    Cold brew coffee is less acidic, due to the slow extraction process of the cold brew method. For new coffee drinkers, cold brew is a great choice as it is less bitter and sweeter. Despite this, one of the benefits of cold brew coffee is its high caffeine content, which matches that of traditionally brewed coffee. This makes cold brew coffee an excellent choice for individuals with a sensitive stomach.

    • Refreshing Taste

    Cold brew is a great summer drink mainly because of its bold flavor and refreshing quality. Unlike iced coffee, cold brew isn’t watered down by ice and retains its strong, smooth, rich taste all throughout. Cold brew coffee gives you a perfect alternative to hot drinks on a summer’s day.


    The Health Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

    Drinking coffee proves to be beneficial for most coffee drinkers because of coffee’s numerous health benefits. Coffee drinkers get to experience these benefits, whether they’re drinking cold or hot coffee. For cold brew coffee lovers, however, there are additional health benefits.

    Check out the additional benefits of drinking cold brew cold coffee:


    Extra Caffeine Fix

    Unless they’re drinking decaf, most coffee drinkers expect a caffeine fix from their drink of choice. One of the biggest cold brew coffee benefits that coffee lovers will appreciate is the extra caffeine kick from cold brew coffee. Considered as a stimulant, caffeine can help increase your focus--which makes the extra kick in cold brew a great benefit for coffee drinkers looking for an extra boost and a great help to their productivity.


    Boosted Metabolism

    If you’re looking to improve your appetite and lose weight, then drinking cold brew might be in your best interest.

    One of the benefits of cold brew coffee is the boost of caffeine found in the drink. Caffeine boosts metabolism, which is the process where your body uses food and burns calories. The higher your metabolic rate, the faster you burn calories. This leads to a faster time in burning fat, which is what you want when trying to lose weight.

    While consumption of cold brew doesn’t guarantee weight loss, it does aid in boosting your metabolism. So if someone asks you, “is cold brew coffee good for weight loss?” Tell them that it can help, but it is not a guarantee.


    Mood Booster

    Coffee lovers and enthusiasts may say that coffee makes them happy, but cold brew drinkers can take this to another level. One of cold brew coffee benefits that could indirectly affect mental state is the extra caffeine found in the drink. The substance may boost the mood of individuals who consume it, which can cause coffee drinkers to feel brighter, happier, and more alert.


    Lower Risk for Heart Disease and Diabetes

    One of the health benefits of drinking cold brew is that it lowers your risk of getting heart problems. Cold brew contains compounds like caffeine, phenolic compounds, magnesium, trigonelline, quinides, and lignans that lessen the risk of heart disease. These compounds contribute to your overall cardiovascular health.

    Cold brew coffee also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that increase insulin sensitivity, stabilize blood sugar, and lower blood pressure. These compounds help regulate your gut peptides and the hormones in your digestive system, contributing to slower and stable digestion.


    Better Alternative for Sensitive Tummies

    Since making cold brew removes heat in the coffee making process, the resulting coffee is less acidic and bitter. Aside from a richer and less bitter flavor for your drink, cold brew coffee is also a gentler alternative for acidic individuals. Making cold brew coffee benefits individuals with sensitive tummies  as cold brew allows them to enjoy coffee that is strong, bold, yet gentle on the stomach.


    Reduced Risk for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease

    As a stimulant, caffeine helps increase your brain activity and stimulates activity in your cognitive and nervous system. Overall, this helps in reducing the risk for cognitive decline found in diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. Drinking cold brew generally takes advantage of the increase in caffeine, as it boosts metabolism and overall cognitive activity and performance--something which is essentially important in the prevention of both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.


    Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee for Your Wellness

    With cold brew gaining worldwide popularity, it’s not really surprising that coffee aficionados want to learn more about the benefits of drinking cold brew.

    Drinking coffee doesn’t just end with taste; after all, there are several health benefits of drinking cold brew coffee that you can experience. Aside from the rich, smooth, sweet taste, cold brew drinkers experience several health benefits because of their choice of drink. Enjoy life and maximize the health benefits by drinking cold brew.