The New Age of Coffee with Cafflano Coffee EquipmentNews

    Coffee lovers are always on the prowl for the next big thing in the coffee industry. So what if we were to tell you that there’s some new and sustainable coffee equipment in town that covers all types of brewing?

    Enter Cafflano, a brand developed in 2013 by Beanscorp. Innovative, sustainable and portable–these are the three words that can best describe the brand. Using the latest technology and research in the industry, Cafflano has produced a line of sophisticated and functional equipment that coffee lovers are sure to enjoy. Their consecutive best new products awards from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) show proof of just how novel and well-received they are in the industry.

    We put a spotlight on Cafflano coffee equipment available today to help you find the next addition to your pantry!


    Cafflano: Innovative, Portable, and Elegant Coffee Makers for the Modern Coffee Drinker

    Fresh coffee is always a good idea, but with a Cafflano coffee maker you can definitely satisfy your cravings anytime and anywhere. Using the latest technology, Cafflano was able to make a portable coffee maker that lets you brew your coffee however you want. Lightweight, versatile, and sustainable, Cafflano’s coffee equipment can satisfy various coffee drinkers easily.

    The brand has a variety of products for you to choose from, including the Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker. We list down the brand’s available sustainable coffee equipment based on what you might need or feel as a coffee drinker, so you can go for the products that will fit into your lifestyle seamlessly.


    For the coffee lovers who want a little bit of everything…

    If you’re the kind of coffee drinker who craves something new everyday or if you simply want a variety of things available for you, then the Cafflano Klassic is your best bet. An all in one coffee maker that has all the necessary hardware for you to make a delicious cup of coffee. Whether you want some pour over coffee or through one made through immersion, you can do so with this nifty coffee maker.

    This comes with a hand-mill grinder, stainless filter dripper, drip kettle, and a thermal mug. The best part? It’s a small, portable coffee maker that makes your drink taste immaculate whenever and wherever you want to brew it.

    This is Cafflano’s first product on the market and is a testament to just how innovative the brand truly is. It’s the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s arsenal.


    For the coffee lovers who want some versatility…

    Seasoned coffee drinkers know that coffee tastes great hot or cold. That’s why there’s a lot of cold brew aficionados out there! It all really just boils down to a matter of preference. If you’re looking for something that can give you a delicious glass of cold brew and a steaming hot mug of press coffee, then we’ve got the perfect thing for you.

    Enter the Cafflano Kompact, an intuitive and easy-to-use coffee maker that lets you make both hot and cold brew conveniently! Easily one of the smallest coffee makers around, the Cafflano Kompact can be brought around by travelling coffee connoisseurs so they can fix their caffeine cravings as needed. Depending on what you’re going to brew, you can get your favorite cup in as little as 3 minutes. Despite its small size, this device actually lets you brew up to 125mL of coffee.

    The Cafflano Kompact is also incredibly easy to clean. Made with BPA and other high quality materials, the device has a simple design that provides convenience in almost every aspect. Depending on how dirty or used the coffee maker is, you can even get away with merely washing it through running water!


    For the coffee lovers who need to start their day strong…

    Nothing starts a coffee lover’s day like espresso does. Strong, bold, and utterly delicious, a single shot of espresso can do plenty of wonders for lots of coffee drinkers. A good espresso shot alone can energize and elevate a coffee aficionado’s day. That’s why Cafflano also considered espresso aficionados in their product range.

    The Cafflano Kompresso is a portable, and authentic espresso maker that can make delicious espresso shots anytime, anywhere. Using scientifically proven principles and a clever design, the Kompresso is comparable to even commercial-grade espresso machines! You can even utilize it for both hot and cold espresso brews.

    The Cafflano Kompresso has a maximum capacity of 70mL for water and a filter basket that can contain 15g of ground coffee. It’s also easy to clean and extremely lightweight, allowing you to get an espresso shot anytime you find yourself craving for one. With this compact espresso maker around, you can enjoy the energy that a well-brewed espresso shot will bring!


    Enjoy coffee instantly with Cafflano coffee and espresso makers!

    Coffee lovers know just how powerful their favorite drink is. That’s why back in the past, coffee shops that served good drinks were almost always busy. Coffee, after all, can always make a bad day better. Besides, a coffee craving was something that almost always needed to be satiated.

    Now that their favorite coffee shops aren’t always within walking distance, it’s important for coffee lovers to find ways to help them satisfy their caffeine needs. This is especially true for active and on-the-go coffee drinkers who aren’t always at home.

    Thanks to Cafflano’s innovations, coffee drinkers worldwide can get their hands on their favorite brew at any given time. With their portable coffee and espresso makers, enjoying your favorite drink becomes easier. Whether you’re in the confines of your own home or outside and stuck in a punch, their lightweight and portable devices can help you out! Their devices are backed up by science, innovation, and the latest insights from the coffee industry–which is why they’re the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s arsenal.


    Aside from Cafflano’s coffee makers, the brand also has a selection of coffee accessories and devices such as grinders to help you maximize your coffee experience. You can find authentic and high quality Cafflano products here at Curated!